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Resolved BerklineRecliner repairs

Our Berkline recliner hasn't been right since the day it was delivered . It lays way back even when your just sitting in it, like your looking at the ceiling. Have called numerous times for repair and are unwilling to send anyone to repair it. The last time I called they told me there was nobody to do repair work, so I called Berkline and got no answer, then emailed them and still no response

BerklineDoesn't honor Warranty

I want to inform the suppliers of Berkline Furniture that they are not honoring the one year warranty on their Furniture products sold. I purchased a defective Berkline Recliner Sofa and on November 17, 2010 and Berkline will not repair or replace the defective Sofa. The employee I was dealing with left the company and by the time Berkline informed me they would not cover the Warranty I could not return the Furniture. Beware Sellers of Berkline Furniture. I'd be glad to forward all Emails from Berkline Furniture regarding this issue to expose this company to its Customers.

  • Jo
    john468 Apr 10, 2011

    I agree and have had a silimar experience, I wrote them and was told their limited Lifetime warrany, only covers labor for 1 yr... How in the heck is that a LIFETIME WARRANTY ? I would stay away, and buy another brand.

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  • Jo
    JoeNobody Apr 11, 2011

    Berkline is refusing to honor their warranties now that they are going bankrupt.

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BerklineExtremely Disappointed: Cheap Recliner

New recliner delivered. Could not get lever to close the chair back up. Was told that it would eventually work its way to become more loose. Not with my back!! Leather was also poorly constructed. Too bad. Used to be a good company. I was also promised delivery by a certain date. Took two more weeks to get delivered. They claimed that they were still constructing it. I was told to go back to the store and pick out another color two weeks AFTER I purchased it because they didn't have the color I wanted. Never had so much trouble with a recliner in 30 years.

Resolved BerklineStay away from them

We are two people, retired!! We bought a Berkline double ended sofa recliner with drop table in the middle section. We have had it for two years. Seats are caving in, the springs have popped 4 times in those two years. Reclining comes with all sorts of NOISE and the leg rests and seats are off kilter. It is put together with stables, yes folks, Staples and they pulled out! I would Strongly Recommend Staying Away from This Company Entirely! They now want to charge us 40 bucks to just come out and "look". Not worth 2 cents. This is garbage!

  • Me
    medina family Jun 08, 2015

    Same is going on with my Berkline sofa sound like we have the same ones... the fabric then the sofa came apart.In all my years never seen anything like this. I strongly agree with you. Will never buy again.TY MEDINA IN PHILA.PA.

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Resolved BerklineDelay in manufacturing

I ordered theater room seating from Berkline in mid-September 2009. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks for them to manufacture it and deliver. Three months later, I am still waiting.

They keep coming up with various excuses, i.e., waiting for parts, bad economy. Their new estimate is January 15 but I'm sure they will come up with another excuse when the time comes. I've paid a 50% deposit. I've asked for a price reduction due to the long delay but they ignore me. They don't care. I will never buy anything ever again from Berkline. I don't trust them at all.

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Resolved BerklineCouch falling apart

We bought two couchs and went with Berkline over a less expensive one because we felt the quality would be better. Within two years, the recliner mechanisms will not work, one will not close, another will not open. The wood is cheap and the screws that hold them together simply come out, stripping the wood and causing the couch to fall apart. We are going to have to replace them and they have not been paid off that long. We will never buy anything berkline again.

  • La
    Laurie2009 Dec 12, 2009

    My fiance and I have a Berkline sectional sofa and ours is falling apart too! It's barely over a year old and already has had the reclining mechanisms replaced in it's first months. The stuffing in the cushions is falling through the couch, I have sharp metal rods poking out all over the place, it is ridiculous! I am extremely unhappy with our purchase as well. We called Berkline to complain and they basically told us we have to pay for the repairs. My parents had a Lay-Z-Boy couch that's probably about 15 years old and now is in my brothers house that is in perfect condition, I guess Berkline's are just rip off furniture.

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Resolved BerklineBad service

I purchased 4 theater seats from berkline through Furnarureblue they come with no connecting brackets when small children sit on the seats they separate and the child falls between the seats then after complaining they send me one bracket and tell me i have to buy additional brackets at thirty dollars each their is 6 more brackets plus all of the other hardware don't deal with furnatureblue you will get all kind of promises and only get screwed the chairs slide all over furnature blue said don't worry we will help you I thought natucci was junk but for 2300.00 this is pure b________t

  • Valerie Oct 28, 2008

    Berkline Recliners are the worst. My recliner that I have only had for 2 years fell apart. The wood fram for the seat broke apart. All the joints where they glue it together are weakening to the point that the chair wobbles and the reclining mechanism will not close. Berkline's only solution for me is to pay their repairman to come to my house. This is only to see what is wrong not to fix anything. Then he will decide how much parts and labor will be at my expense. So much for there motto "furniture to last a lifetime" should be furniture to last 2 years only.

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  • Ji
    jim L Feb 23, 2009

    I have had similar issues. After 4 years the fabric is litterally sewn and crazy glued together

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  • Pr
    Protective Lawyer Feb 10, 2011

    Dear TedP99...There is much more to worry about than slipping through and since we just had a horrendous incident, I wanted to make as many aware as I could.
    Since you said you had young children or those of you with small pets, please be advised that the mechanism that allows the recliner to recline and move back again to the "sitting straight up" position is ABSOLUTELY & COMPLETELY visible and accessible to a small animal or to a crawling child's leg, hands, etc. Our poor five month old kitten put his head in the mechanism and was strangled. Our family is still sick over this and we vowed that "Willow" did not die in vain. That mechanism MUST be made to be inaccessible and/or there must be some sort of "Warning" label to tell consumers how to get something out of the mechanism when something is caught!! I hope those of you who read this will watch your children and pets to ensure that this type of thing does not happen!! This is my first ever time writing about a product that I thought was completely safe until two weeks ago. I consider that mechanism to be a product defect. Other than beginning litigation, does anyone have any thoughts about how we can get the word out about this? We are, obviously, not concerned with money. We need to get the word out so others are careful with these recliners..Would the company listen to us if we were to contact them? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated..Thanks everyone!!
    The product recliner is: Berkline Style # C099 53. There are 3 of them..the reclining movie theatre seating...
    Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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  • Pr
    Protective Lawyer Feb 10, 2011

    To anyone who reads the complaint about the Berkline recliner Style # C099 53...this is a clarification of the complaint. I guess when I put quotes around certain words, they didn't come up but the actual word, quot is visible and so is a number..039...The corrected version appears here...Thank you everyone..

    Since you said you had young children or those of you with small pets, please be advised that the mechanism that allows the recliner to recline and move back again to the sitting straight up position is ABSOLUTELY & COMPLETELY visible and accessible to a small animal or to a crawling childs leg, hands, etc. Our poor five month old kitten put his head in the mechanism and was strangled. Our family is still sick over this and we vowed that Willow did not die in vain. That mechanism MUST be made to be inaccessible and/or there must be some sort of Warning label !

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I bought a reliner made by Berkline in Otober 2005.
I was more than sure to make a good shopping with a Berkliine product.
What a deception when problems started...2 1/2 years later!
The chair started to be less and less confortable as the foam was getting...flatter and flatter in some places : right side of the seat, right arm, then left arm. A little later a big screw at the right of the mecanism broke suddenly in a big POW! Then I realised that there was a hole, yes a hole in the material at the back of the head...where it was certainly not caused by overuse!
The customer service is terrible.
They don't want to do anything but I finally got to have the mechanical part to be repaired no charge...but it is not done yet!
I'll believe it when I'll see it.

Thiis company make cheap cheap cheap products. And they dare selling those at big prices.
I don't mind paying when the quality is there but with Berkline

I will tell anybody not to buy from them and if you had a bad experience, please do the same.
It about time that big company stops making money by stealing ours!

We should get together to make a collective complaint!



Resolved BerklineTerrible everything

Berkline doesn't need to do quality control before they ship a piece of furniture. They simply send it out to there dealers who then deliver it to your home. When you find the defect which you assume is covered under warranty you discover that the warranty has to be satisfied by the dealer, not Berkline. So if you get a dead beat dealer you're stuck. You have a new piece of furniture with no warranty!

  • Je
    jenm72 Jul 29, 2009

    We bought a Berkline sectional in '04 and within months had problems with it and it was actually recalled. So we got to pick out new furniture which was a sofa and loveseat on which there are four recliners. Witinh a few more months we started to see tears on one of the seats on the seam. They sent someone out twice to repair. The second time there was another problem which he fixed and documented then when I called to report that tear they said that none of those tears should have been covered under the warranty since they were on a seam and we had gotten fabric protection on the set and they weren't sure what the chemicals had done to the fabric. We now have two seats with foam sticking out which can't be fixed because it would just pull the rest of the seat apart and a broken drawer and recliner and things wrong everywhere. I feel we should have spent only half of what we did and bought something at a discount place and it would have lasted longer than these pieces of JUNK!!!

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  • Ze
    ZEZETTE Aug 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had many problems with my recliner. The company doesn't want to pay for the damage of the seat and the arms. They say the warranty is no more valid for that.
    I can only have the mecanical part fixed no charge ( I have to pay postage fees...). That is because I insisted a lot!

    The customer service is terrible. From the first time I called, they have nothing on file and the employee has been laid off...
    The chair was only three years old when the problems started.So when they say LIFE WARRANTY, you should read 3 YEARS WARRANTY.
    I am highly unsatisfied with this company.

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  • An
    anot happy Nov 10, 2009

    Berkline is junk! I have had the SAME issues as above we a sectional sofa we purchased. When we shopped for a new sofa, we chose Berkline over a less expensive piece, based on the "quality of their product". I have to ask... what quality? We have Seam issues in all 3 pieces of our sofa. Berkline sent out their representative to "take care of the problem" and all he did was take pictures and act shocked that Berkline would fix this because it is "out of warrenty". This is the 2nd repair to this sofa and the new pieces are only 3 months old. We bought the protection plan. They only replace items 1 time. I asked the repair man if he has seen these seam issues before.. his answer .. "Oh sure". SERIOUSLY! If I would have know this I would have NEVER bought a Berkline product. We would have been better off to buy a cheaper product and replace it. It is $2000.00 worth of JUNK.

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  • Ba
    barry jon Sep 17, 2010

    These are the worst reclining sofas I have ever had. After 1 month the mechanism broke, had it repaired and 1 year after the original purchase (not the repair datethey broke again. They do not want to know about it at corporate. NEVER BUY ANYTHING BERKLINE> They are crap. I bought them at Costco and see if they will do something. I have asked Costco to get rid of all the Berkline [censor] out of there stores

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  • Di
    Disgusted consumer 2002 Aug 11, 2011

    I have had a Berkline since 2002. I had problems with the delivery I waited 6 months for the 2 recliner sofas to come . Then wood splinters, screws and foam kept falling out of the open bottom. The springs started releasing and pokeing out we bent them back but over the years one by one spring released. The screws were hard to put back and would keep coming out. It cost me over 3, 000 for the 2 sofas. I was never able to afford another one.The place where purchased on airport rd in Allentown went bankrupt 6 months after purchase. Now I have a bad back because of this
    sofa with the springs caving in and disinigrating foam interior
    The springs are sticking me now on both sides and I have to use bed pillows to sit on them. The recliner won't fully recline and basically I'm afraid it might stabb me while I sit . So I sit gently. If you like nightmares buy Berkline. Disgusted consumer

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  • Ma
    Massachusetts customer Aug 30, 2014

    Many years ago, we purchased a Berkline sofa, love seat and chair, all reclining. They lasted many years even with the heavy use of four children. We replaced just the sofa about three years ago. Had problems with the springs and reclining mechanism. After many calls, they finally sent a repair person who did replace the defective parts but told us he would never buy Berkline but said that as an upholsterer, it was profitable for him to work on Berklines.. I had to pay for the labor. Berkline just sent the replacement parts. We foolishly then bought a matching Berkline loveseat recliner. Same thing happened. We now have a sofa and loveseat that are falling apart after only three years. Cushions are flattened and springs are broken, making the person sitting "fall into" the chair. Will never buy Berkline again. Reluctantly, as I check on line for alternatives, I see very similar complaints for the other brands I am checking out. My best advice, find a different brand.

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Resolved Berklinequality

After 5 years my expensive sofa / love seat is literally heald together w Glue.

the recliners are not aligned, the fabric has to be continuasly sewn so the foam is not showing. complaints were made from 6 mos after purchace. customer service never gets beyond an auto generated e-mail. And you get that only if your lucky