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America's Service StationRipping off the public with non-needed repairs

I had just had my Ford Explorer given the 70, 000 service check at my local Ford Dealership and I received an excellent report with no problems found. I stopped by America's Service Station in Norcross, GA to get an oil change the next day.
After a 10 minute wait, the Service Manager came out and said that my Explorer was in "terrible shape"! "The rear main engine seal is leaking, and the wheel bearings on the front are bad, and the brakes are shot, and the tires are terrible and the power steering leaks". He went on to say that he could give me a good deal and fix it all for just $1000.00!
I asked him to wait a minute and got the full written report from the Ford dealer out of my glove compartment and showed him that Ford did a complete inspection and said my Explorer was in GREAT SHAPE with no problems or oil leaks or bad tires or anything the previous day!
By now, the Service Manager had two more cronies up there to support him and to fend off my questions.
After looking at the Ford report, the Service Manager actually said: "Well...what does Ford know, anyway?" He then "fired me" and told me never to come back there again.
I left and told him on the way out that I would never be back and that I would be sure to tell at least 1000 people to be wary of "America's Service Station and their rip off tactics".

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    MrRealtor Apr 13, 2010
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    Verified customer

    WOW. What a bunch of slimeball crooks. You should have changed the oil at the Ford place.

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  • Jp
    JPBALES Oct 23, 2010

    I've had nothing but bad experiences at America's Service Station. Their "three year alignment plan" is a crock too- they refused to even re-check my alignment after I suspected that it may have been thrown out due to a small fender bender. The manager tried to tell me it's a "warranty" and that an accident voids that warranty. First of all, they never called it a warranty. Secondly, they never showed a single shred of documentation or anything that states what is covered or what voids the "warranty." Thirdly, my dad looked up this "warranty" and the only things that void it are hitting rocks or potholes or curbs. They were jerks to me and lied to my face. My dad has had nothing but similar problems. Not to mention, they always find something wrong when you come in and try to sell you services you don't need (like changing transmission fluid on an old Volvo 850; turns out it's an almost useless service and the risks of actually messing up more things is greater than the benefit of changing the fluid; charged me about $250 bucks). I refuse to ever set foot in one of their stores ever again.

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  • Co
    Consumer Care Feb 16, 2011

    This is part of a larger scam. Mudlick Mail, also owned by Greg Sands, sells a direct mail advertising program and offers to sell his additional "management tools" to teach owners how to operate their shops just like this. Scripting, the board, up-sell, etc.
    Google Greg Sands [redacted]s ", " America's Service Station [redacted]s ", " Automotive Training Institute [redacted]s " (Chubby used to own America's Service Station with Greg Sands, now they are owned by Mr. Sands), "Houston Texas America's Service Station Sting ". Sands is the TGI Friday's man and Tim Ross the Hooters man. This Automotive Training Institute program is the same program being sold by Mudlick Mail. They are targeting middle to high income customers with coupons and then run the scripting and up-sell of their inflated labor and parts. They are brainwashing shop owners with their webinars sold by them and Gary Gunn and Mudlick Mail. It's devastating to an honest shop if they get into these programs. Shop owners, employees and consumers beware. You are the targets of this program.

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  • Gr
    Greg Sands Feb 25, 2011

    It was recently brought to my attention that someone has been posting comments anonymously about Mudlick Mail on various consumer websites and blogs, which are defamatory in nature. This person is writing fictitious complaints and has never been a customer of Mudlick Mail or of Greg Sands. This person does not have any knowledge of our business; furthermore these statements/accusations are absent of fact and baseless in their claims.

    Mudlick Mail does not encourage any of our clients to participate in the "bait and switch" tactics described in the anonymous comments that were posted. Our program helps shop owners build their business by allowing them to target their potential customers by geographic area, car make, income, etc. We are not aware of any shops that have gone out of business as a result of using our services. Further, we have not received any complaints about our approach to business.

    The company is owned by Greg Sands, who owns and operates more than 20 service shops across four states. There are currently no Better Business Bureau complaints pending against any of Mr. Sands' shops or Mudlick Mail.

    Mudlick Mail prides itself on open and honest communication with our customers and the public at large. We encourage anyone who has an issue with the way we conduct business to contact us immediately so we may resolve the issue. We can be reached toll free at 866-794-0167.


    Greg Sands – CEO Mudlick Mail
    Tim Ross – President – Mudlick Mail

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  • Am
    amssworker Jun 20, 2012

    Hey mr sands i work for your crummy company. Ive never worked at such a ratty under handed operation before. You better be lucky the economys down or no one would ever work for you. Over worked and under paid and yelled at all the while should be your motto not we fix everything. Oh and the speed of service...please try slower then a snail. Your shops are so completly disorganized and lacking structure that we cant even keep up with the money at the end of the day. Been working in the shop without a tech who has a scanner for three months now. How do you fix everything if you dont have a scanner. You can write back with all your defensive lines. I just wonder how you wake up everyday and dont loathe yourself.

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  • Er
    Eric Davis Apr 02, 2015
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    Not surprised to read this - I have had my own bad dealings with America's Service Station/ Service Street. When a company employs a three time felon, felony hit and run, DUI while driving company car, petty thief, possession of controlled substance with intend to distribute, criminal damage in the 2nd degree as their VP of Operations aka Adam Yeager it's almost expected that they operate in this manner! Don't trust Adam Paul Yeager or Greg Sands!


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  • Er
    Eric Davis Apr 03, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I am not surprised to read your comments - A simple internet search will reveal some stunning and disgusting information. Adam Paul Yeager has a pretty lengthy rap sheet. Felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, Felony Criminal Damage in the 2nd Degree, Felony Hit & Run, Petty Theft, DUI while driving company vehicle and speeding. And yet he is employed by American Service Station/ Service Street as their Vice President of Operations/ Regional Manager. It really makes you wonder about the company, and CEO Greg Sands - especially after reviewing all of the BBB complaints, scam reports, complaint board reviews and 1 star reviews on yelp.


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Resolved America's Service StationOil Change?

It's been a couple of years ago...but still valid in the way they do business. I took my Toyota in for an oil change. I was told by the eager mechanic I had 3 oil leaks. and I needed it fixed right away. They wanted $1500 for repairs (new oil pan, oil pump and whatnot). I said NO way. I called the Toyota dealer and they said to bring it right over. It was the "O" ring and that was all. It cost $50. I will never darken the door of an America's Service Station again. I'm submitting this because my husband just dealt with them and they basically did the same thing to him. Our family is DONE with this shop.

Resolved America's Service StationOvercharged

I needed a part replaced for my car and was told it was $403 and needed it right away. I was later told by another dealership that I paid way too much for the part so I researched the part directly from Toyota and was told the part only costs $173. When I called America's Service Station, they could not tell me what part was used in my car but he believes it was from Toyota and that it came from their warehouse.

The manager and owner cannot justify the cost and told me that I was out of luck since I already paid for the part.

Do not ever go to America's Service Station as they continue to lie and overcharge for parts and do not know where they came from.

  • In
    inkspots8 Dec 25, 2010

    not only do they rip off coustomers by over charging for parts that are bought at advanced and autozone. they convince the customers that they need several parts for a repair. they never install the parts. the owner dean wilk is also a piece of work. drugs are used openly at this location and dean wilk knows about this serious problem. but he does nothing. this place should be shut down!

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America's Service StationRipoff/Customer Service

On Wednesday 9/24 I limped into the America's Service Station in Norcross, Ga. as I was having trouble keeping my car running. I knew it wouldn't make it home.

I checked the car in and told them what it was doing and also what repairs and maintenance I had done to the car in recent months, Fuel filter, pressure regulator, and fuel pump. Just to give them a background on recent repairs and maint.

At that point I left. Later that day I was called back and told that they thought it was bad gas. I told them I had been driving on that gas for 2 weeks and over 100 miles so I didn't think it was that. He called me the next day to tell me it was the Primary Fuel Pump, car has two pumps and the one I replaced in the tank is called the Fuel Pre-pump. I approved the repair. They called later that day and told me the car was ready to be picked up. I asked if he was sure it was fixed as they had diagnosed it wrong already (bad gas). I picked it up paid $505.00 for the repair and drove off.

Three miles down the road the car died again! It was doing the exact same thing. I got it to the side of the road and called them back. They came and got me and took me back to the shop and assured me they would take care of it, apologized and said not to worry, they would take care of my car.

The next day they called me back and told me my car was ready to pick up. This time it was the other fuel pump, the one I had replaced. I go to pick it up and was told the charge would be $435.00! They diagnosed the problem wrong twice and wanted to charge me almost $1000.00 for a simple part replacement. The actual repair took less than 30 minutes to do. I know, I did the repair myself, it's actually easier than changing the oil

I feel as though I should have been refunded for the wrong repair. I don't mind paying for the correct repair. Yes it was very high, yes they are known for that, and yes I know they are in the business to make a profit.

I was told by the clerk (Chris) that I shouldn't be doing my own repairs, let the professionals do it. He also said it was the wrong part that I put in. First, it wasn't a bad repair, the part went bad. Second, the part I put in was the correct part. I verified this. It worked for 3 months also. There a different manufacturers for parts on a vehicle 23 yrs old. A lot of the time they will look different but be perfectly fine. They need to train their counter clerks about this.

When I asked to speak to the manager, Chris managed to get him on the phone. I told him that I felt that I should not have to pay for a repair that wasn't needed. He said that I shouldn't have come in there with a diagnosis and that I shouldn't have told them I replaced the pre-pump. What kind of logic is that? I asked if he wasn't going to do anything and he said "Absolutely Not!" At that point I ended the call.

Moral of the story: Don't go to America's Service Station. They can't diagnose a problem correctly, have very poor customer service, foul/rude manager/owner and are very expensive.

Had this happened in my driveway it would have cost me less than $150.00 for a new pump. Making a profit is one thing, ripping people off is another thing.

America's Service StationBad Price Quotes

My 1990 Honda Accord overheated on the highway, since they were the closet I brought my car to them. What a mistake they tried to over charge me by $300+ dollars. I decided to go get the parts they need at a local NAPA and eventually talked them down on their price. My expertise with unscrupulous companies is to always call someone else for a quote. This Company should be ashamed of it's practices, that is to get all they can from customers. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICA'S SERVICE STAION - CLASS A RIPOFF!!!

  • Ba
    Barney H Nov 06, 2009

    You are lucky that this company will let you bring in your own parts, most repair shops wont let you do that. I would commend a company that lets you save money by bringing in your own parts, and you talked them down on the labor...sounds like you got a good deal after all.

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America's Service StationAwful Service!

Around the first of last month, I took my car, a 2002 Jeep Liberty to America's Service Station located at 3610 Marietta Highway, Canton, Ga. to have the head gaskets replaced. At that time, the manager of the facility told me that it was useless to repair a Jeep since they were no good. I explained to him that this vehicle was a business vehicle and that it had been rigorously kept up and that I needed it back ASAP. They kept the car over a week and each time I called to check on its progress, the manager was rude and sarcastic with me. Also, he never once offered to supply me with a rental car, even though he knew I could not afford to have the car out of action for so long.

Also, in September, I purchased a set of Bridgestone tires from them. At the time I bought them, I was told they had a lifetime warranty and that Bridgestone was manufactured by Goodyear. When I took the car in to the same America's Service Station to have a flat repaired, I was told that Firestone made Bridgestone tires and that America's Service Station did not offer lifetime warranties on tires. Again, I had to deal with the sarcastic, rude manager and was kept waiting over two hours while the tire was being repaired. I did not deserve this treatment and believe I was lied to and sold an inferior grade of tire.

  • St
    stung98 Feb 19, 2010

    This is by far the worst. Biggest ripoff repair shop that exists. The owner should be ashamed and embarassed of owning a shop as horrible as this place.

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America's Service StationTerrible experience!

After taking my car to this facility for overheating, I was told that I needed a new water pump and to replace the timing belt at the same time. I agreed. Since the car had high miles on it I also elected at my choosing to replace the radiator. I purchased an aftermarket radiator and delivered it to the shop. Three years later and I am replacing the engine. Upon removing the radiator for the engine replacement I noticed that it was a Mopar factory equip radiator. This shop did not replace the radiator, however kept the new radiator and charged me the labor to replace it. I would not trust them with nothing.

  • Bo
    Bob the Tech. Jun 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So you let them replace parts willy-nilly and are now bummed?

    Perhaps you might consider the possibilty that the part you bought was a re-built which would have the "MOPAR" name on it.

    I would be more bummed about buying a water pump that I most likely did not need.

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  • Mu
    mudlick Jun 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Ok so how many miles are on the car is question? 100k + Any time you do a job like this on a vehicle why not replace the waterpump it was probably less than 75.00. I bet he would be pissed if the waterpump was not replaced and then it failed a couple months later! Then i bet he wold be mad at them for not letting him know it was recommended. As for a mopar radiator did you want thenm to use a cheap aftermarket part? WTF. Disd you inspect the radiator 1st? Ive seen aftermarket parts with a mopar stamp on it!

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Resolved America's Service StationTerrible service!

Took my car to the America's Service Station in Canton for an oil change and tire rotation. Marked one of the tires because it has a slow leak and I wanted to make sure I knew which one it was after the rotation. I was told that my vehicle was ready but after looking for the marked tire I found that it was still in the original place.

I explained to the man at the counter that my vehicle was not done and that I needed my tires rotated (as requested) and that it was something that I paid for. He told me I had not paid for the tire rotation because that is considered a courtesy. A courtesy that he decided he wasn't going to do because he said the tires did not need to be rotated. He informed me that I would be causing damage to my vehicle if the tires were rotated before they actually needed to be. After insisting he explain in detail what kind of damage he was referring to, he changed his tune and said that rotating my tires would simply be a waste of energy. Wow - does that mean that he is lazy and doesn't want to do what he is being paid to do?

These people are a joke. I am not even sure if they actually changed my oil. Lesson learned. And don't worry, I will tell every single person that I run into about my unpleasant experience. Just like I told the guy in the America's Service Station parking lot while I was leaving. He was coming in for an oil change. He got back in his car and drove off.

  • Ti
    Tim Apr 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Walked into the same store today to get a quote on a very small repair that I knew should cost between $50-$75 dollars, and they quoted me almost $200. I told 'em I'd check back later. I then made a quick call to another auto repair shop who told me to come in the following work day and they'd do the same repair for $50. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that just before entering the store I heard the three guys in the reception area making silly cartoon noises and although there were several cars in the garage area, I didn't see one darned mechanic working on any of them.

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