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America's Choice Readers Service — Unjust billing

I was being billed by this company for $75+ dollars per month as a direct draft from my checking account. I...

America's Choice Readers ServiceScam

I signed up through this company a year ago, i was supposed to recieve 6-8 different magazines for a few years and get a $1000 online shopping spree. The online shopping spree was a joke, the things you could buy i could buy everything in the catalog at walmart for %300 but each thing you wanted you would have to pay a big shipping and handling fee (FOR EACH ITEM). I have recieved 2 of my 6-8 magazine. It's been a year now and i've paid close to $800 for probably 20 of the same magazine. If there is a way i can get my money back i would do anything, even take them to court. I've complained to them 3 times now but nothing ever comes of that.