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American Telecom — Never received Pay N' Talk rebate

My husband and I purchased a cordless phone package from American Telecom. We were supposed to receive a $25...

American TelecomPayN'Talk rebate

I submitted the requirements for a $15 PayN'Talk rebate (H811559) last November and to date have not received it. When I called the phone number on the rebate form I was referred to a website. When I checked the web site I was referred to the phone number. I emailed twice with no response. Now the phone number gives a constant busy signal and the website no longer exists.

American Telecomrebates

I sent the rebate form and did what ever the rules that was written to file for the rebate, then I got the letter from them stating that without upc bar they can not process the rebate. I look for the box and sent them the upc plus the cards that they mailed last August and until now I haven't got any cents out from the rebate that they are suppose to give, and that was suppose to be $30.00 multiply by 2 total of $ 60.00. October is almost ending and I haven't heard from them and the phone # is out of reach and keep saying go to their website.

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    badamexbad Jun 18, 2008

    every body file a report!

    I'm a victim of american telecom rebate too..and i even refaxed everything to! all i had to do was look online and i found answers! hope they will find these people...hope they change their name too..scamerican telecom

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American TelecomRebate scam

Do not buy products from American Telecom. The rebates that are offered are fake. I bought the 4 cordless set with rebates of $50 & $20. The $20 rebate never made it to them. The $50 one did make it but after few weeks I received the non-compliance letter saying postmark date was after the offer date. Their online system did indicate that they received it before the expiry date. When I called them they accepted that they did receive it on-time & I was told to callback in 2 weeks to check back if the cheque has been issued. I have so far called them 3 times at an interval of 2 weeks & every time I get the same answer. Today when I called, now it goes directly to automated voice message system & phone gets disconnected. I have re-submitted the $20 rebate. Hoping that at least it will be received by them.

There seems to be a major issue/scam going on with this company. I am planning to report them if I do not get my money back soon.

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    Ron Nolan Dec 06, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Experienced the same runaround as reported, 60 dollars involved. The phone was not a quality device and not even used. It was purchased at Office Depot.

    Am now contacting all persons and agencies that may be able to assist in obtaining the rebates.

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    Ron Nolan Dec 23, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Dont give up on this rebate I have been trying since Sept of this year, experienced most of the complaints reported.Started calling corporate HQ and selling store , Office Depot.Finally contacted one [email protected] is listed as Co President whatever that is, any how he returned my correspondence and within 10 days my $60 rebate was received.

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    nothappywithats Mar 04, 2010

    Do not buy a product from this ATS. I bought a two phone set from the Frys two years ago for "free" after $25 rebate. I only got one email from ATS saying they are processing my rebate. Nothing since then.

    Right now, only base working. Everything else was broken along past year.

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American Telecom — Phone rebate is a fake!

My complaint is against American Telecom. That the customer service agent listed being in City of Industry...

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