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AllState Financial GroupScam and cheating!

Do not fall for this scam, my name is tommy and i wanted to let everyone know that all state financial group is a scam, i sent the 1254 dollars to secure my loan as an insurance policy, sent my funds would be wired to me within 24 hours, guess what, its been a week, and they are ignoring my phone calls and telling me that they wanted more money to secure my loan, a different amount each, day, my agent was jennifer gray and she was stating a whole lot of B*ll [censored] reasons on why my loan has been wired yet, they told me a refund would be sent out and it would take up to a week for it to reach me and i still haven't reached me please do not fall for this scam, there supposed phone number is [protected] so don't get caught by these lowlifes.

If anyone at all needs any help to bring these guys down please send me an email and we will take em down together.

AllState Financial GroupLoan scams from canada!

I’m emailing you this complaint against this company (Allstate Financial Group in Canada) because they scam me out of my money, in the amount of $620.00 on November 30, 2007. I started when I received an email about loans for people with fair credit, bad credit or no credit with a low interest rate. I responded because I was interest in the loan. I was first contacted by Donna Chapmen and she told me that I was preapproved for the loan amount of $8000.00 with a 9% interest... my payments will be $155.00 per month for 55 months. I also sent a copy of my pay stubs, social security card, my bank account information, and my id card by faxing it at the number [protected]. So there after, Donna Chapmen told me that she’ll email me the contract to look over and sign…. But in the meanwhile she told me to send the amount of $620.00 in money gram and I did since it sounded legitimate. I sent the money in Donna Chapmen’s name and it was sent to Ajax, Ontario Canada. I contacted Donna soon after and I also checked my email for the contract( which was not there)... so Donna told me that the email should be there if not , she’ll send it again and go ahead and process my loan to be sent to my account. One hour went by and I contacted Donna again and told her that I did not receive the email... then she stated the email was down and she’ll fax the contract. I had given her the fax number to my job and 30 minutes went by and NO FAX!!! So, I called her about 10 times and could not get her!! So I waited at least 20 minutes and tried again. When I did get in contact with her she pretended to be her own secretary and changed her voice (but I knew it was her) and she posed as her own secretary. Then she told me that Donna Chapmen was in a meeting and she cannot get access to my account. So, I decided to call back in a few minutes and spoke with Kirsten Cooper (another loan adviser)... I told her what was going on with Donna Chapmen and she stated that the email system is down but she saw my information in the system and I’ll need to send an additional $525.00 to secure the loan anticipated for the monthly payment requested for the 55 months. I started to cry because I sent her some of my rent money!!! Kirsten apologies and said she doesn’t know why Donna would tell me I only need to send $620.00 when they require more for my loan. So, I told her to send my money back because I don’t have the additional $525.00... Kurten then stated that they will send the money back but they will need to take out fees due to backing out of the contract. I informed her that I DID NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT and DID NOT RECEIVE IT VIA EMAIL (because their email was down and Kursten Cooper confirmed it!!). Kursten stated that Donna can get into trouble for accepting the money without a signed contract. Then, Kursten stated that I will receive my money back in 15-30 days since it was sent Money Gram. It’s been a little over 15 days and still no refunded check. I have also looked up Allstate Financial Group and they have a lot of complaints about the same thing….SCAMMING INNOCENT PEOPLE, WHO ARE DOWN ON THEIR LUCK and HARD EARNED INCOME, OUT OF THEIR MONEY. Please, Please, Please, Please, HELP ME. Please contact me at [protected]. These people have my personal information and also my funds... Please investigate them and close the company down. I’m also aware (now) that it is a crime to collect up-front fees/advance fees for a loan in both the USA and Canada. I will also file a civil suit against the company and contact the FBI. There is also a website, where there are many people on that site that have been scammed out of their money by ALLSTATE FINANCIAL GROUP in CANADA.

  • Mi
    Michele Snow Dec 20, 2007

    Laura I know what you are going through. I was in contact with the same person. When the "loan" wasn't put into my account I call and asked them for the reference number of the wire they sent so my bank could trace it and find out what happened. They didn't like that and told me that I needed to send more money and I told them they can't do that because I had signed a contract for a set amount and that since they weren't going to honor that I wanted a refund they got mad and hung up on me. I called the next day and they told me the refund would be mailed that day. That was over 2 weeks ago. Now I can't get a hold of anyone. No one answers when I call and I know if When I leave messages they aren't going to call me back. I will keep calling until they get sick and tired of hearing from me and issue me the refund. I also send e-mails to them. We should all keep leaving them messages and e-mailing them to get the message across that we are not going anywhere.

    Good luck in your efforts to get your refund back.

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  • Ni
    Nikki Dec 21, 2007

    I wish I would have seen this site prior to sending allsfg my security deposit. I had contacted them yesterday numerous times and every time I called a live person actually answered(that was before they had my deposit!!) I tried calling them today for at least 3 HOURS straight and no one will answer, I sent 5 emails today - NO RESPONSE!!! Tina from allsfg told me my money would be in my account first thing this morning - needless to say NO MONEY!!! Do not TRUST this SO - CALLED company!!!

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  • Ni
    Nikki Dec 31, 2007

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! I've called 866-205-7012 ex 803 and Kirsten answered and told me she is the loan officer and she has my loan, howerver my bank doesn't take international direct deposit. Just got off the phone with my bank and they do take inter dd. Calling Kirsten back now to see what other kind of excuse she's going to give me now. This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Pa
    pat engledow Jan 07, 2008

    I am among the victims of these scam artists. I too believe that something should be done. Has anyone spoken to an attorney regarding a class action suit in an effort to get our money back and stop these guys? It has to be against the law... surely something can be done if we ban together.

    Email me and let me know if anyone has spoken with an attorney.

    Thanks, pat.

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  • Jo
    Jocelyn Toombs Jan 09, 2008

    I as well have went through the same thing you guys went through, from the same scandalous company, i had even reffered my own mother n law and father n law bc they were in a hardship themselves with money and they were scammed like us all. I felt so bad refferring them esp when they paid out a bigger deposit than i did, i had spoken with chris johnson he came off as a nice and well spoken person when all along he was just in the whole scam fam. like every one else there. I HAD EVEN CALLED AND TOLD THEM THAT THEY ARE ON THE SCAMMERS WEBSITE, and the guy named steve i spoke with as well said "oh really", "it must be another company", and "its a mistake", i was like WHATEVER!!! but im steal in need to take care of this medical expense i was trying to pay for, and doesnt look like i'am going to get the medical attention i need due to my stupidity of this ridiculous and messed up company ( messed up is not even the word i want to use) but PLEASE someone try to do something, luckly my bank was able to help me out and reimburse me but not all banks will do that like my mother n father law's didnt. SO IF ANYONE IS AN ATTONEY OR ANYTHING IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM TO STOP THESE SICK PPL TAKING INNOCENT PPL IN FINANCIAL NEED LIKE ME, out and locked up if you ask me.

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  • As
    Asahel Williams Jan 10, 2008

    These are not the only people that are doing this. I lost my apartment because of scams like this.

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  • Bu
    Buford Benton Feb 10, 2008

    I think something should be done. I gave them money they said they would return it. It has now been two months still no money. I try calling the number they gave me and now it is temp. Disconnected.

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  • Cl
    Clara Thompson Mar 06, 2008

    I received an approval letter and so did my son from International Lending, my financial advisor as she calls herself is Kimberly White and my sons is David. Can't right now remember the last name. They were suppose to e-mail me a contract to sign but my computer told me it couldn't download it due to some technical reasons. Kimberly then e-mailed it to me again with the same difficulty. She then said she would e-mail it to me to another e-mail address, still not received. Yeasterday my son received a call from this David and wanted to know if my son was still interested in receiving the $6000 he was approved for. I told him if my son had $600 to throw away he wouldn't need the loan. He asked if he was having trouble raising the $600 and I told him yes. He ended up saying he would see what he could do on his end. My son nor I have tried to send them any money nor do not intend to send any because we went on our first instinct sounds too good to be true then it is. Their telephone number is 1-866-390-5895 ext. 3798. When this David called tho it came up private name and private number. So what does that say. They also said they were with the BBB, but BBB Emblem is not on their webpage. The address that showed on my approval number is ALL STATE FINANCIAL GROUP 7887 BAY STREET TORONTO MA mit2z7 CANADA. But when you look it up on the computer it has things to do with insurance not lending money.

    I feel sorry for all of you out there that fell for this scam because they do sound legit, had me convienced temporaily but I kept checking until I found this web site. Thanks for saving me and my son a total of $1200 between the two of us. $600 for him and $600 for me. We even asked them why couldn't they take the money for the first three months payment out of the $6000 and they refused this offer. Try this the next time and if they refuse, put up a red Flag, and save yourself the heartache and losing your hard earned wages. We need to stick together and stop them now. If anyone wants to e-mail me and talk to do something about this e-mail me at [email protected]

    Clara Thompson.

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  • Gr
    grd82655 May 06, 2008

    I have also been scmmed! I talked to a company called Henderson Financial. I sent 775.00 to Carol Holland in Canada. When my money wasn't put in my account I was told I needed to send another 775.00. I sent this but something was eating at me. I called the moneygram people and they refunded my 2nd. 775.00. When I called them they told me they would be happy to refund my first 775.00 and it would be fedex to me on Saturday May 2. Imagine, I did not recieve it. So on Monday, I called and I get a recording that says your universak acc9unt has been put on hold. I was borrowing to pay my income tax. My husband has been out of work with his heart, and I have a daughter in college. I hope the people that scams us can not sleep a wink at night. I pray
    that God deals with their conscience and they have the same done to them one day.

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