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A-L FinancialThe rep refused to sign the check and I couldn't get money, which I spent for the repair

My wife called to the company A-L Financial. I had an accident before and the bike should have some repairs. She asked if they pay for the repair, and the rep told to provide all checks and they wanted to see the repaired bike. When I finished the repair, I went to the company and showed the bike. I asked to sign the checks, so I would be able to return some money. But the rep refused to do it and found some ridiculous explanation.

A-L FinancialCharge-Off Status

We had a loan through AL Financial for a used vehicle. We never once in 36 months made a late payment. After we made our final payment in May of 2010, the company sent us the pink slip, with the lien released. About 3 weeks later thtey informed us that the check for our last payment had not cleared. I called to make arrangements to re-pay the balance, and was threatened and harrassed by the "owner" of the company. Without even giving us a chance to pay it, we were made aware that the company had registered the lown on our credit report as a charge-off. This is outrageous! What is a company's legal right and restricitions on posting information to a consumers credit? We were denied a car loan recently because of this problem. AL is a hokey, unprofessional, back woods, crappy company. If given a choice, DO NOT do business with them.

A-L FinancialFraudulant Company

I purchased a truck with my now ex husband, when we divorced he was to keep the truck and make payments. He ended up surrendered the truck to A-L Financial. There was a balance due once it was sold at auction and they sued both of us for it. We received the law suit by mail but A-L Financial filed proof of service with the court stating we were legally served. At court my ex promised to pay the truck off since he kept it and he was responsible, well.. he never made a payment.

A Couple of years later I received paperwork in the MAIL again from A-L Financial stating I needed to appear in court for a Statement of Assets. They lied again, filing proof of service with the court stating it was legally served. I asked the rep for A-L why my ex was not at court too, she stated they didn't care to pursue him even though he was first signer. She stated it was their choice who they could pursue or not. I provided the rep. with all my information, she then stated I would receive paperwork in the mail showing the amount of money I promised to pay per month, where to send it to, and my account number. I waited to hear from them, a month later I receive a wage garnishment at my work. I contacted A-L and asked why they did this, everyone was so rude and mean, I was told I did not make a payment, I stated I was told to wait until I received their paperwork. They obviously lied again so they could receive more money instead of my small monthly payment. The rep I was talking to said they never send any paperwork out and if I want to have the wage garnishment removed I needed to pay $1, 000. I do not make much money, so taking 25% of my disposable earnings would have left me and my son on the streets. I had to borrow the money from my parents, and I have been making payments ever since to A-L.

I recently called A-L to get my balance owed, I was told it $20.55, but the interest was $1, 148.00. By law they are allowed to charge 10% per year, after paying $1, 000 I owed $1, 938.14, it has taken me 1 year to pay the total owed, the interest due is $193.81, but A-L is still trying to pursue Wage Garnishment. The original Small Claims Suit was for $2, 290.18, the amount owed when filing the Statement of Assets last year was $2, 938.14, an additional amount of $647.96 which is interest. A-L is trying to collect interest on top of interest. Everyone I spoke to at A-L was extremely rude, and they do not follow the law. They bully people, I hate this company and want to be free of them forever. A-L needs to be shut down for fraudulent business practices. I reported them to the State Attorney General's Office, and I am gathering information together to expose them on Fox News, or any news channel that will listen, and I suggest you do the same. If you have a horror story regarding A-L Financial contact me at [protected]@hotmail.com and hopefully we can bring this horrible company down.

A-L FinancialWebsite

I posted a few minutes ago in response to a complaint. In regards to A-L Financial. I've had no problems with them and I think the biggest reason is that the one in charge of MY account is awesome. That person has a lot to do with how your experience will be.

My complaint however, is they don't even have a website. I can't set it up on my financial tracking site because they can't find the name of the company (because it's so small). They ask for a url so they can locate it and A-L Financial doesn't have one. So, that sucks!

A-L FinancialWorst Company Ever

This is the worst company to deal with, WHY, they do not report to all credit bureaus so forget establishing yourself any credit history, Experian only, they say they will not provide a written payment history to even the customer for proof of payment, they repo cars immediately so they can resell them, that is the real business they are in, is funding loans, repo the cars and resell them, believe me they will call if you are 6 hours late, they will take the car if you are 3 days late, and the people there, Cecilia, Lilia, Omar, all of them are trained monkeys that really think what they are doing is valid in the world today. They are all crooks and you will be quite sad if you ever do business with them trust me!!

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Resolved A-L FinancialIllegal practices

This company calls me several times a day when my payment is late. They threaten to take my vehicle, they call my friends and discuss my late payments with them.

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    angrybuyer May 08, 2009
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    Me Too!! On the day the payment is due they are buggin'. They are rude threatening and down right dirty. I would never ever do business with them again. I have been late but I have always made my car payment and the interest too. I have tried to discuss option in which they aren't interested. Do yourself a HUGE favor STAY AWAY from A L Financial

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