Remington Collegecomputer networking

J Jul 25, 2019

I started this school program thinking that they was on the head up on teaching computer networking to the studesnts and found out that the lack of instructors being on site during whole tenure was what I paid for. The classroom empty on occasions was not encouraging to the keep of the classroom morale; also when the instructor was bring forward as talented we did not have that instructor the whole 2yr tenure of the program.[2004-2006] It was a shaft is what me and 3 others was run in with as well as a paper mill education that over large amount of years just incur phone calls about loans not being paid because they did not provide real world skills as they promised job placement and hope in continuing education because the change of industry standards. I currently try to request for a refund but the time of them being a for profit school system was when I was a student and they now currently became a non-profit after 2011. Its now 2019 and still have no skills to pay the bills but didn't lose interest in catching up with those who did encourage so quickly to sell my life away to there intentions. If anyone has a class action suit in the works please do contact me @ [protected]

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