Reliantco Investments / UFXufx

I do not understand all the negative comments that I read in this post, but I see that all the bad reviews agree that they have lost some money… it will not be then that the bad review should be made to the investment capacity of each one instead to the platform tou are trading with?

Ufx is a trading platform that offers cfd like many other companies in the world, the variation of the prices in the market is created by the supply and demand forces, and that price variation will be the same in any online bróker.

The only aspect that will decide if you earn or lose money is your ability as an investor and the information you have, for this reason I highly recommend listening to the financial advisors of this platform and taking advantage of the tools it offers to study the market thoroughly.

In addition, as you can see on their website, the broker complies with cysec and fca regulations

Oct 02, 2019

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