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From: Kimberly Bechtel
To: "[protected]"
Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 9:00:41 AM PDT
Subject: Fwd: Formal Complaint; Regarding Regis salon at Coastland Center Mall in Naples, Florida Requesting a full refund.

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From: Kimberly Bechtel
Date: May 7, 2019 at 6:31:04 PM EDT
To: [protected]
Subject: Formal Complaint; Regarding Regis salon at Coastland Center Mall in Naples, Florida Requesting a full refund.

Good afternoon---
Thank you for reaching out to me. Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. I was pondering weather or not to call you back and speak with you directly. I want to talk to you about my visit to the salon. After speaking with my mother and a few close friends, I have had time to reflect on all that had unfolded and what happened. I truly feel compelled to send you an email. I feel by writing it down it will be easier to follow.

On April 19th 2019
I entered your salon Regis located in the Coastland Center Mall in Naples, Florida looking to schedule a future appointment with my newly found, and loved stylist Melissa. As I waited to be greeted at the desk by the staff, ( I now know as the salon manager) A staff member kindly approached and greeted me. I wanted to book an appointment for the future with Melissa but before the 27th of April. I explained that I have a big party on the weekend and I need my hair cut. Brittany was near the desk, she was finishing up with a client and called out to let the manager know that she had a 3 hour appointment cancel and she could take me right away. Once again I asked for Melissa but she was booked for the whole day. Brittany had cut my hair once in the past so I agreed to have my hair cut by Brittany. Brittany did a short but good consult. I'm very easy with hair length because I wear clip in extensions when I need length. I asked her to cut off whatever needed to be removed so my hair looks and feels healthy. Also I asked if she could put in some long layers. At this point my friend who was with me came back from the bathrooms. Brittany had kindly invited my friend that came with me to sit in a stylist chair next to me.

While I was in her chair I was telling her about my moms surprise 55th birthday party coming up on the 27th! I spent a lot of money and time planning it. It happened to be a high tea with a dress code. My mother really liked British culture. I really wanted to get my hair "ombré" but I didn't have time. I told Brittany; I went to a famous salon Chole's Beauty Bar in The UK and they did this amazing style of balayage / ombre where she painted on lightener to my hair in triangular sections. Creating depth and dimension throughout the hair. Brittany stopped prepping my hair and said she could do that. I told her are you sure? Let me show you the photo because I am not good with hair related words. I wanted to make sure you can do the exact same thing. Because again I said I'm not great with words let me show you photos of my hair. I showed her a few photos of my hair after. I attached the photos below and asked her directly; "Can you do this?" Those were my exact words. Meanwhile one of my best-friends was sitting in an empty styling chair next to us Listening and being part of the conversation being very present in the consultation. Brittany said; "Yes! I can do these highlights." I told Brittany I try to use products that are six free. Like no parabens, sulfates etc. The manager overheard me and then came over and started showing me a book of "beauty counter" The manager said she shouldn't be showing me this because its Products that individuals like herself sell not the salon. I said that I would definitely look it over because I am very interested in clean and healthy products. But then I went back into my conversation / consult with Brittany. Brittany asked me a few questions about my side part and off we started. I wear glasses and/or contacts with out them I can not see anything. This day I had my glasses on so I took those off and Brittany did her thing. She kept me facing my friend so we could talk. I kept telling Brittany I really love that sun-kissed ends, that really lived in dark root look. As we got to the toner she brought out a few shades of blonde colors. We picked a great color. She toned my hair and I stayed waiting with my head in the sink for the toner to process. After the toner was washed out and we were walking back to the chair. My friend waited for Brittany to walk away and She said; "Did you ask for baby highlights all over the top of your head?" I said; "No! Why?" My friend told me, "I don't know what this is but-this is not ombre!" I started to squint really hard to see in the mirror what my friend was talking about. And I just couldn't see. But I trusted Britney because she's a professional. So I told my friend; "I will wait to see what it looked liked before getting upset." Now Brittany was so sweet and kind also Very knowledgeable. I did not want to hurt her feelings. As an artist I understand how we stand behind our work. This is in no way shape or form a complaint against Brittany. She was amazing. However she just could not execute what I wanted. Inside I was Mortified at the state of my hair. I had stripes all over the top of my head where nothing should be! STRIPES! I decided that I would try to live with it for a day and see if I could get over it. I am truly open to new things but this WAS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR. I called in the following morning right before the salon opened. After having some time to reflect on my hair. I asked to talk to Brittany she wasn't in until 10am. So I called back right at 10am and she was kind and understood what went wrong and was willing to fix it. She said it would cost additional money because now she had to put in the shadow root. I explain to her that Initially I wanted her to use my natural hair color as the shadow root. I didn't want dye in my hair. Brittany said "Oh.." like she now she finally understood what I wanted. However with all the baby highlights on the top of my head she said she had to use the dye to correct the issue and she would have to charge me additional cost. But she would talk to the manager about the cost. I was put on a brief hold and then the manager got on the phone.

This is where the entire experience took a nose dive. Up until this point I was treated with nothing but kindness and graciousness. My experience was very pleasant with Brittany even though it was not what I wanted. Honestly I struggled to write this e-mail because I didn't want anything bad to happen to Brittany because she was very kind and courteous to my needs. The manager who I don't even know her name. Because she never introduced herself to me on the phone or in person got on the phone. In my Calm cool nature I explained to her what had happened. She started in on me hardcore. Loudly, borderline yelling at me over the phone; "That's not what you asked for! I was RIGHT THERE! I heard your consultation! You never said ombre! You said HIGHLIGHTS! You said this, You said that." Needless to say it was a terrifyingly poor customer Service experience. I almost thought to record it because she was extremely rude and so loud. I work in customer Service myself. I was very calm and level toned as I normally am. I in fact didn't speak any different to either of the ladies. I did not yell or get loud with her. I asked her to calm down. I didn't call them first thing in the morning to argue with her. I told her; "I'm not Yelling or getting loud with you please give me the same professional courtesy that I'm giving to you over the phone." I told her; "This is no way a complaint against Britney or anything negative." I told the manager that she should view this as a learning experience. All it was, was that Brittany didn't understand what I wanted. The cut was good. The tone she picked out was great! It was the Technique and the placement that was wrong and Britney understood that when I spoke with her. As soon as I said that the manager again began to get loud and yell at me... "You never said ombre! That word NEV-VER came out of your mouth! That's a whole different technique! That cost more MONEY! Because she would of had to put dye in your hair! That's a shadow root!" I told the manger excuse me ma'am, stop! You may have overheard a few things that we talked about during my consultation but you were not there the entire time. Brittany said highlights not me. I told The manager she didn't see the photos that I showed Brittany when we were speaking about the ombre. I thought that when Brittany said highlights were part of the ombre. I don't know the different terms. The manager then went off again.. "These people come in here with celebrity photos of unrealistic expectations! blah! blah! blah!" I then said: "Excuse me! Excuse me ma'am stop! They were photos of me and my own hair." Once I said that the manager was like; "Well I have a client and you are gonna need to email me those photos and I will let you know! Before Brittany reschedules you I need to talk to my district manager about this whole situation and she will make that call." She made it sound as if you were going to be the one to call me and let me know. She also made it sound like she was going to get Brittany in trouble with you. Using a scare tactic and I did not like that! Needless to say I sent her the email with the photos right away on the 20th of April. Following that terrible phone conversation with the horrible manager. I then Googled your Headquarters info and left a voicemail regarding Brittany and her wonderful Disposition. Honestly after the way I was treated over the phone I didn't want to go back to your salon but I didn't want Brittany to get in trouble. I then called back multiple times in the following days leading up until My Party. The manger was too busy to talk to me or they told me she wasn't there. I didn't know what to do! I had to get my hair fixed. So I called another salon.

I went to the Michael Thomas hair Salon and had my hair fixed. I showed the stylist the exact same photos I showed to Brittany. The stylist knew right away that what was done to my hair was NOT AT ALL what I wanted. I do have my receipt from that. It cost additional money to have my hair fixed because they had to use hair dye for the shadow root and to re-bleach the ends of my hair. I do have another appointment to have y roots darkened again because where these highlights are my hair wouldn't darken enough. So In fact I have another $95-$140 treatment that will happen in a week or so.

I do want to let you know that my mother, and two older sisters both go to this salon and have gone to it for years. They will no longer support this location and or company in Solidarity. I am a wedding and large event coordinator for the largest and one of the most popular company in SWFL. I have sent countless Brides and Bridal parties to this very salon and location. I will no longer give out referrals to this salon. I will never, ever go to this salon again! I am shocked that the manager never did a follow up! She never returned a single one of my calls. And I'm just guessing here but I bet... She never even alerted you of an unhappy client. Due the managers lack of propriety I feel compelled to post this formal complaint on all the Regis Salons Social Media Pages and other ratings outlets. I do not want hard working women or men to spend money at this salon only to be treated worst than garbage if you do not like the outcome.

I just want to say that I have never in my entire adult life gone to a salon as a repeat client and had anyone, let alone the management treat me so poorly. The lack of professional from the manager was extremely shocking! I was truly taken back and down right upset at her tone and combativeness! Brittany was willing to graciously fix my hair to keep the client happy and she stayed 100% kind and professional. Then for the manager to aggressively come into a situation and completely destroy a professional working client to stylist relationship! She tried to use scare tactics and treat me truly horrible. No thank you. I want a full refund! I will never go back to that salon not even to work with Melissa at this point..

Please see the photos and receipts below. I expect a full refund. It has cost me significantly more to have my hair fixed. If not I will take further action.

Photos of what I had shown Brittany


This is what Brittany did to my hair

This is the fixed hair that was done at Michael Thomas hair design

These are my receipts...
This receipt is from Regis salon on top of the book of products the manager was attempting to sell me while sitting in the chair.

This is so far what it has cost me to get my hair fixed $291.20 Plus I have another scheduled appointment to deepen my shadow root which will be a minimum of $95.00 so at the end of the day my hair just to be fixed will cost $386.20. Because of the highlights that I was given but I didn't want won't allow the color to grab close by my roots.

Thank you,
Kimberly Bechtel



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