Red Lobster Hospitalityquality of service

Three of us, who are fairly regular customers, went in on October 6, 2019. After being seated, the Server took our drink orders and promised hot biscuits would be out of the oven in 5 minutes. She was responsible for 4 tables, including ours. After a long wait, we waved her down to give her our food orders. She took the orders and said biscuits would be out in 5 minutes. I reminded her she said that 20 minutes ago. She brushed that comment off. I asked her if she forgot to get our biscuits and she said yes. Still no drinks (water and soda...not too difficult). When she bought the drinks, she mentioned the endless shrimp. We thought we'd rather have the endless shrimp than our orders. We flagged her down again. She said that we did not want the Endless Shrimp as they were tiny and too many people needed refills which was keeping her too busy running around bringing them more shrimp. Besides that, she said that our order was already in and it was too late to change. After waiting another, 20 to 30 minutes, I stopped another Server and told her I'd like to pay for the Coke and leave. She checked the monitor on the table and said that our order had NOT been put in, yet (Our Server told us that we could not change the order because it was already in). I asked to speak with the manager. We waited another 5 minutes or so and thought to stop by the bar and pay for the Coke and leave. Our server reappeared and told us there was no charge for the Coke. We were lied to and disrespected by both the Server and by the never appearing manager. This incident will assure that it will be a long time before we dine at the Red Lobster in Dover Delaware. The restaurant was in no way full and there was no reason for the poor level of service we received.
Reference FS809303A

Oct 11, 2019

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