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Di Jun 09, 2019

09 June 2019
Today I went to the ss pharmacy, I waited about 5 mins a lady came to the counter said she would help me when she was done inputting whatever she was doing, i said didnt hear her (i have ear probs on pills for it)so politely i said pardon, she repeated what she said, ok so I just stand and wait like 2 secs and she asks another phara to assist me. Raj is the pharmacist I gave him my prescription he takes a weirdly long time to look at it, inputs it in the computer I am just kinda standing there, there is a line of about 4 ppl behind me waiting to drop thier scripts off, so after 10 mins I asked if I was done and if I could do my shopping. He said No he wasnt done looking at my prescriptions so I wait. I ask while waiting if I could call this spritsso it doesnt take so much time. He says No and explains only refills I can call, and docs can fax over new scripts. We go shopping load the car come to get my meds. It's been just an hour, so I hope they are ready. When in raj says 10 mins, ok great I look around for abit then sit in the waiting area. It was about 15 mins so not bad. When I leave I realize it's just pill bottles in the bag no paper print outs, so I turn and ask the pharma assistant for the print outs. The pharmacist comes to the computer opens my file to print my print outs. There is a unknown short fat white guy with a name tag that says chris on it standing beside the pharmacist looking at the computer screen, I ask who he is and why is he looking at my personal private confidential info on the computer. Chris states the pharmacist wanted to talk to him and says I will come back. The pharmacist say non to chris you have to be here. Chris 100% knows he shouldnt be back there. That he isnt covered by the collage of pharma or a trained professional I found out he is the manager of The store. I look around the computer from where I am standing theres all my info. This person does not tell me who they are, thier name or position or why they are even there in the pharmacy . They pharmacist raj informs me he has legal right to be behind the pharma counter, with clear access to my personal info.chris says he isnt looking at my info but then chages position so he cant see. They stand there as the pharmacist says every pill names, when they do, how much a take and when and why I talk it. They pharmacist also wasnt happy when I asked him the print out and explain, I stated I havent ever taking these 4 meds together. He said I have. No I was prescribed these meds but went into hospital. Raj is not a doc and last time I was there I informed him that. He was very unprofessional like took it personally but he is my pharmacist. He changed me meds once call the doc then I ran put had to go to the doc to get him to write a script and repay to fees about the rajdecided to call and change it. So I go back to the doc. And he reperscibd the same script rja changed and I had to pay the fees again. So this random non health care professional is standing there raj give me my meds and I say thank you. He then tells me that this is the last script he will fill for me ever. I say ok thanks and leave.i have never been so embarrassed and personal health stuff put out there to some guy named Chris hopwood a super store manage what's going on . To be lied to by a health care professional and breaches of privacy.i have no rights? I dont feel safe, I dont feel welcome or like he has my best interest in mind. Because I am a younge attactive native women I must not know my legal rights or have a brain . Your cant just ask me not to come back when I havent done anything wronge. Ask about fees, asks about changing my script and ask for a print out and I am not allowtd back? I complaining to the college of pharma. This is a legal matter. This customer service is horrible. I been going to the superstore for 2 yrs since I move here we spend 200 a week there easy. I been using the pharmacist for 2 yrs I just got blue cross coverage. I work as a health care provider and deal with pharmacists on a daily basis I would NEVER recommend the superstore pharmacy or the store. To the community I feel these two men should protect ppl with disabilities not take advantage of positions of thier positions of power, like the manager so who do I call for help my lawer my union rep, this manager engages in unprofessional conduct and partakes in illagal, unprofessional unregulated practices behind the pharmacist counter. How can I feel safe calling the manage when the manager is doing very illegal things. Please e mail or call [protected]
Chris hopwood of superstore store manager
Rja wouldnt give me his name is the main pharmacist.

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    I called to make a complaint about customer service experience I had today with the pharmacist, when I asked the last name to file a complaint he told me it was on my receipt. The managers name is but not the pharmacist so that's a lie from the store managers mouth. Then i ask about the manager not identifying himself when I asked who he was what he was doing and why he was standing behind the pharma counter. He said I didnt ask yes I did a few tines. The pharmacist just said oh he is allowed but that's my personal choice isnt it. Why would the manager who wont tell me he is a manager allowed to know my personal info? When I called the manager said the pharmacist could just say he isnt serving me again for NO REASON, I tell him I am writing what his says down as I repeat what he said he starts changing his story. Then tell me I would have to ask the pharmacist why he decided not to serve me after today. I ask as the manager you are not concerned or it's not your job to look into this? He says he has no idea why so then you cant discontinue serves because I asked a question or said the pharmacist isnt a doctor he isnt. So i ask the first and last names for a complaint after spelling them as fast as he can he says he is done here, I state I am not as I am trying to spell these last names, I stated I would like the district managers contact info but he just hangs up. Like talked while I was talking didnt listen had no concern or care about my compliant. How is someone a manager that in so unprofessional, I wouldnt recommend this store or staff to anyone, I will tell ppl not NOT GO THERE because of this experience

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