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Shelaine at Customer Service was extremely rude and unprofessional when I went to ask if they could open more cashiers since there were two huge lineups from the cash area to the milk area. Customers had been waiting in line, as we had for over a half hour. as I wrote this, I'm still waiting in line and we have barely moved. Shelaine retorted rudly while yelling at me that she has tons of things to deal with and that she didn't have any more cashiers while mumbling other things I couldn't make out. I was stunned at her unprofessionalism and told her so. She yelled at me that I was being rude. I told her that I was not and that I wished to speak to the manager because at was appalled at her behaviour. She retorted "well you're gonna wait". Male manager arrived and I explained the circumstances and was told that a cashier had quit and they only had 4. I stated I understood. I didn't appreciate having Shelaine yelling at me and calling me names because she was clearly having a bad day. He stated he would speak with her, but appeared quite nonchalant almost like it was a common occurrence. I'm reporting it because I don't believe it's in your company's best interest to employ this type of person who obviously cannot properly handle anyone professionally. I'm seriously considering shopping elsewhere after this awful experience, and will share my displeasure with others.

Real Canadian Superstore
Real Canadian Superstore

  • Updated by Claricer, Aug 20, 2019

    I wish what I was explaining was untrue, but sadly it is. The cashier that deal with us was wonderful, as was the other employee who was giving clients cookies while they waited. Everyone was pleasant, as we were considering the fact that they were horribly short-staffed. I always say you get more with honey than vinegar, and I'm always polite with everyone I deal with. I don't have to defend my position to anyone, and I certainly wouldn't waste my time posting about this incident if it wasn't serious enough to warrant. Your opinion of the matter is simply that since you weren't there, and are making false assumptions. Cheers.

Aug 20, 2019

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