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M Nov 21, 2019

I went to Weston road RCSS last night around 9:30-10pm..i was price matching the always/kotex pads from food basics and fortinos, but the cashier in register #7 checked the price and she was like "you cant pricematch this, its too expensive for that price" i have been pricematching for a year or so now and that was my first time that i have been told like that. She called her supervisor name shekaba showed the flyers and she said the same thing "too expensive for that price." So i asked if i could talk to a store manager she said she called "steve" i was waiting for 30mins no steve should up. I just left because my son was crying and it was late. Anyways Before i went to cash out i already spoke to the sales lady working on the floor, i even showed her the flyers and double check if i could pricematch the item and she said YES so i was happy and took a bunch. The always pads count was 22 and on the flyers it says up to 24 i dont get why she ddnt give it to me. It was last day of sale last night too.

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