Real Canadian Superstorecashier service

J Nov 24, 2019

I was in on Friday November 22 at the real canadian superstore, at oxford and hyde oark in london ont around 1pm. The cashier on lane 5, her name is Rose. There was ONE person infront of me and I was in line for 35 minutes because she was so slow. She continued to not scan items from the front of the belt so it would move forward, so I was not able to put my groceries up. To be waiting in line for 35 minutes is absolutely rediculos! I had given her 2 coupons that were exactly the same and I understand you have to read each coupon but I had said they were exactly the same. She took 3 minutes to read EACH coupon. I know how the store works, I have worked in a loblaw previously. This is very poor productivity and customer service. I was almost late picking up my children from school because she took so long.
I now know I will never go to a register that she is working at from now on.

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