Real Canadian Superstorecashier

A Oct 13, 2019 Review updated:

Date of incident- 13 october 2019
Cashier on duty- Rhindya
Working on lane 13 at 6:05 pm (closing time)
Because it was sunday the store closed at 6pm. I was waiting in line like other customers for my turn. The announcement for store closing had been said. I had one more customer behind me. She starts scanning my groceries and I say her hello ...she replied hi. I said I have price match for cauliflowers in a very gentle way. In return she said, ' you come here at 6 the store is closing and you want a price match now' staring at me and in a very angry tone. While she was doing a price match she had expressions of anger all over her face. I decided to stay quite because it was thanks giving eve. I said her thank you and have a good day at the end, she never replied and didn't even look at me. I have myself worked in the same superstore for 2 and half years as a cashier and am still working in customer service at a convenience store. Never have I talked to a customer like this and think I or any other customer deserves to be talked to like this. I am extremely hurt.

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