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on sept 15, 2008 after a bad wind storm that had almost everyone in the dark i decided to go to rallys for some burgers it was about 1pm an i order two hamburgers and a small fry after i got them i went home an started too eat the first sandwich after the second bite i started feeling pain in my mouth so i spit out my food an check it what i found in it made me very sick after i composed myself i pull out a curled up wire bread tie from the food id just spit out, this was a very large wire tie an thank god i didnt swallow this thing. ive contacted many people about this an nobody seems to care what if a child had ate this sandwich not knowing any better an did swallow, this really needs to be addressed an more awareness in the food workplaces so that this kind of accident doesnt occur again someone could really get hurt or even choke to death on something like this. i still have sandwich and tie but dont know what else to do hope you can help! thanks


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    craig simmons Aug 07, 2009

    rallys in vincennes indana, found a hair in cheese burger, fries always cold, poor service. the rallys here in vincennes indiana recently got in trouble for employees selling drugs out of restaurant. they have good food, but its not worth getting sick over. someone needs to investigate this restaurant, rude, cold food, unsanitary.. i have called inspector to check and will contact better business bureau, , ,

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