Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahliability letter that takes too long to release when in fact it should only be 7 working days only

B Aug 05, 2018

My name is Bernadette. Last wednesday July 25th i went to Mirdiff Branch to request a 2nd liability letter coz the 1st one was expired already when i went there to present the cheque. Dubai Islamic Bank is buying my remaining loan in your respected bank. Liability letter only takes 7 working days to be processed. Today is the 9th day. I keep on calling customer service and mirdiff branch and until now ot wasnt process. Im running out of time. Now, im supposed to pay the loan 4th of August somebody called me regarding the payment i told them im just waiting for this letter so i could settle all the liabilities in your bank. The guy said okay pkease you need to get it Saturday (4th Aug) i never received and it's the 7th day. They already deducted like AED 500 for the payment of loan. I put 110 dhs in my account last night for the payment of this letter, today the bank took the money. I called again this morning mirdiff branch, Ms Elena said she'll get back to me, she didnt. I called customer service manager in Mirdiff Mr Yousef, he never answer even my voicemail. I called customer service she said its under process. Its the 9th day!! I went there 25th of July. How come they never do the liability letter? Is this a way of punishing me coz i opt to change bank? And my other concern is, i keep putting 110 dhs for the payment of this letter, and this bank always take it as a payment for loan!
I will pay everything, just i need this liability letter and im begging you i am running out of time! This liability letter takes too long, when you can give it to me in 7 working days, pay my loan to you and everyone can be happy. You can't just ignore my request and not do it because i'll transfer to another bank. That is so unfair! Im begging you, release the liability letter so i can settle everything to your bank. Please do not ignore this request that i made since 25th of July. Please. Can somebody help me with this. Please. Please.
Thank you.


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