RaceTracscratch offs

Nm Oct 02, 2019

It was around 11pm when my father and I went to cash our our winning scratch off which was $85. As we walk in the gas station, the shift manager Kaitlyn didn't make us feel welcomed. She asked what we wanted and we gave her the scratch offs and she checked it in the machine and told us that we won $85. My father said that he'll take the cash but Kaitlyn said that she can't give it to us. So I asked if she had a reason and then she said she just started the shift and can only give us $40. I said it was fine we'll take the $40 and we'll cash it out the rest elsewhere. She then said she can't even give us $40 because that's all she has so I was upset and said I want all of our tickets back. We than decided to go to Wawa and get our money but the employee said that it had been cashed out. I was so shocked and disappointed at the same time. So my father and I went back to Racetrac and showed her the printout that said mentions it was cashed out. She yelled and tried to cover up the mess she created. She even used a profanity word as I kept asking her how this could be it. She dug in the trash can and showed us the receipt she printed out which said paid payment which we never got the money. She was very disrespectful and didn't even want to admit that she was wrong but instead kept going back and forth with me. I told her that I wasn't going to leave until I get my money and that's when all of a sudden she had cash in the drawer and gave me the $85. I've been to this racetrac a couple of times and never encountered this kind of problem.

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