RaceTracrestroom and outside waiting area.

V Oct 12, 2019

I walked into Racetrac and bought a soda and waited for my ride outside in the waiting area. My ride said it would be about a hour before they came. While I waited the Manager Marcie was dressed in a Staight outta Dallas t shirt told me that the restroom is closed. She only had the men's room blocked off. No one was cleaning it. 30 mins went by and she still had the restroom blocked. I was charging my phone in the waiting area and she made me unplug it. It's 60 degrees outside and she running the outside fans. I understand they have problems with the homeless sometimes but I feel like she shouldn't assume that I'm homeless and keep me from the bathroom and deny me access to a outside plug because in her mind I'm just trying to hang around the store. First off I came inside and I bought something so that made me a Customer. Running the fans in cold weather, blocking the bathroom and denying access to the outside plug will run Customer away. She could have handled the situations way more professional than she did. Her tone was rude and so was her facial expressions as she made a point to deny access to the things I needed as I waited.


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