QuikTrip Corporation / ethan k.

Sh Sep 11, 2019

I go to this quiktrip almost every morning at 4am. There is a lot of people sleeping outside and begging you for change so maybe that is why I was treated this way. I have never been treated so poorly by a quiktrip employee. My incident started yesterday at 4am-ish. I go in to get a small coffee and $20 in gas. It was $21.60. I only had a $100 and 2 dollars. I decided to give him $102 so I could just get 4 20's back. Well no, I got 75 dollars with in 5's. I think I was frustrated about the 5's that I didnt realize until I was halfway to work that he gave me 1's too. So he gave me change for just the 100 and not the 102 dollars I gave him. I go yet again this morning at 4am and said hey you remember me and explained the situation so he would remember and he did. So I asked for my 2 dollars back and he didnt even say ANYTHING to me. His response was $1.71. (Because I got a medium coffee) I was appalled that he didnt even just offer a free coffee or even say anything to me besides price. I dont care about the people outside, I give them my change when I can so maybe he is used to it but I dont like my money being stolen from me even if its 2 lousy dollars or not. Ethan was so unprofessional and not personable at all. I refuse to go to this quiktrip anymore.

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