Quest Diagnosticstechnician

Lo Oct 02, 2019

In September 27 2019 I presented myself at the appointed time to this quest location. I waited until a female came out and waived me to follow her. I entered the room and she asked that I sit down. We went over the billing process and I paid the charge. She then proceeded to prepare for the procedure.

As she was doing so she kept going back to her mobile to look at it. This was repeated many times. Finally she inserted the needle and began the extraction of blood. All of the sudden her phone started ringing. She literally jumped when she heard it. Unfortunately for me, the needle was still in me and her jerk hurt. I screamed No! and she looked back down to what she was doing. She did not apologize but Instead kept looking off to her phone. Finally she withdrew the needle. I was also there for a urine test so off I went.

Yes I was mad but I was now afraid she was going to do something to mess up my samples so I remained as decent as possible. Came back with my sample and there she was texting away. I asked where she wanted it and she just motioned to a basket. I placed it there and left.

When my results came back, one test was missing. My doctor called quest and he was advised that they had the order but that the technician had failed to put the data on the vile. They still had my blood so they would complete the order.

Quest has a horrible reputation. Now I understand why. How many lives has your company affected negatively because of employees like these ? I hope that enough people read our experiences and stay away as far as possible. Maybe when your wallet gets affected you will start caring about us as people.

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