Quest Diagnostics / outstanding service @ melrose ma quest diagnostic office

Im Jun 13, 2019

I visited the Melrose MA office at 12:15PM, with my spouse (whom needs a wheelchair to move about) for a 12:30PM appointment. Exactly at 12:30 George Patino opened the door and asked us in. We went through the electronic register and immediately went into the small but efficient exam room. After a few questions George Patino of Melrose MA Quest Diagnostic performed his duties. Although my wife has difficult veins, she had to fast for 12+ hours which led to some difficulties too her (rolling veins, venous insufficiency, etc.) was troublesome for George, however George tried as he did with many attempts (3) to stick her, yet there was no success. George used his medical knowledge and tried warming the area, use of tourniquets and stress ball activity to little effect! Then, George was successful after situating her arm in a contorted way and VOILA blodd appeared in the tube! George then went over the top by telephoning my wife's neurologist to see if the blood drawn would be acceptable for other tests she required. George Patino is an incredible asset for QUEST DIAGNOSTIC company. He is intelligent, caring and compassionate. A great human being and family man.

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