Quest Diagnostics / being denied a blood test due to not having received new medicare card/number

I made an appointment for a blood draw per request of Dr. Timothy Tolan for the time of 8:30 am on March 22, 2019. I arrived prior to this time, checked in on the online keypad and handed the clerk my paper request to the clerk. They took pictures of my Old Red, white and blue Medicare card and my Medicare supplement card. Some time after 8:30 A technician called for a "Ramona". I went back to the draw station with her and she started asking date of birth, last name to verify who I was. She then said no, she had called another patient with the first name Ramona. This is where it gets chaotic. She and other front desk personnel said I could not be served unless I had the new Medicare card or number. I said I had been told the old card was valid through the end of 2019. They said I had better call Medicare. This process was humiliating in itself: there I was using their land line phone at the front desk speaking to a Medicare representative I could barely understand. I had the Medicare representative speak to one of the Quest clerks who would not accept that the card was valid through the end of 2019. I was denied any service and was not given back my paper request from Dr. Tolan. When questioned they did not seem to know what happened to it. That alone is a breech of privacy as my Social Security Number and other private information could be misused unless the papers were shredded.
Later in the day I contacted Medicare again and will be receiving a letter with the new Medicare number in a week or ten days. Even if I wished to I could not return to Quest to get the blood tests ordered by Dr. Tolan because they supposedly don't have any record of the request. Fortunately my new primary care doctor has a team draw blood at a facility in their office complex and I am spared such incompetence.

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