Puritan's PrideSells Old About to Expire Supplements


For 3 years I ordered a lot of vitamins and herbal products from this company. However, I started to see that their products expired only 6 months later. When you order 5 bottles of something you would expect to get something that will last at least a year. I emailed them asking if they normally sold people 6 big bottles of pills that expire 6 months later. Their reply was for me to call their Customer Service. I did that but was cut off. I called back and kindly asked the question and was rudely told that their products "normally are good for 1 year or more", but then she said their was nothing she could do because I waited too long after receiving the products just 6 months ago. I also read that this company buys products in bulk that are about to expire from other companies and then resells them with slightly extended expiration dates. That would explain why after only 5 months the 4 bottles of Acai Berry I had left had a very nasty smell to them even though they were stored in a cool dry place (200 Rapid Release Softgels #019408). Anyway, being as they sell supplements that are about to expire and they don't list the expiration dates on their website, I switched to iHerb. Unlike Puritan's Pride, iHerb states the expiration date right on their website which is 3 to 5 years later, and when you don't have to pay a $15 handling charge and you get larger quantities of supplements that last a lot longer, you really aren't paying anymore. iHerb also ships a lot faster, as in usually the same day or the next day. With Puritan's Pride I have often waited 2 or 3 months to get the product after they said it was on back order.


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    Bill Robins Sep 04, 2012

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