Public Storageroanoke. virginia

C Dec 12, 2019

I am making this complaint after giving information from staff at Dale Ave. S.E., (Kim & Mary), when visiting and wanted to know information concerning pricing, and storage units, etc. The 2 ladies I talked to Kim and Mary, were very and knowledgeable for what I was looking for . While there I was shown units of the size I would need. I was told of another Public Storage on Franklin Rd., I went there on another day. I was there before the storage opened, less than 30 minutes waiting and the woman came. I waited until the storage was opened and then went in. I said "good morning", and she mumbled something, I guess speaking back, not in a friendly way. I told her why I was there and mentioning that the storage on Dale Ave S.E. gave me this location to check out . Personally, that was my first time meeting with this woman and she was unprofessional, a sour look on her face. She talk fast pointing out the units I was interested in to see if the unit would hold my items. I went there in a friendly way and thought I would meet a representative who would be friendly too but instead I met with someone who did not want to represent Public Storage in a professional way and I was angry at her poor representation, angry enough not to go out the same door I came in just not to see that unpleasant look. I live near the Public Storage on Dale Ave S.E., so I stopped by there to let Kim know what I had experienced and instead of seeing Mary or Kim, I talked with Laron I hope his name is spelled right. I was still upet alittle but after talking to Laron who was very professional, friendly. I just could not believe how this woman acted and so early morning to be acting the way she did. I did get the phone number of Ryan Graff and called him and left a message saying who I was and my phone number and a short message as why I was calling. Well I never received a call, that told me something and because the sting was still with me, I talked to Mary and she gave me the number for Cassandra Craft, I called, left a message with a phone number and again no call back. Days later just recently I went to the storage where I use to an old storage I rented long years ago and as I was going up the hill I noticed "Public Storage" and I knew I wanted nothing to do with "Public Storage" and if I should have someone to say they are looking for a storage company I will let them know what I experience at Public Storage and there is no need to contact them because they will not return calls and the person you speak to at the location on Franklin Road in Roanoke has a nasty attitude. I will not spend my money somewhere that think they are the only company with this product. So sad. But I am happy that I met 3 professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff persons and that is Kim, Mary and Laron.
Thank you for reading, I hope you provide customer service skills for those who might need it

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