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Two months ago the company PSV Natural Health D started to charge me for $10 per month. I called them and told to stop, because I never ordered from them as well as I never used their services. They told me that they didn’t receive any payments from me. But this company continued to charge me and I have no idea how to stop them. I wonder if someone had the same situation and can offer good solution. Thanks.


  • El
    Elham. Yassin Feb 11, 2018

    PSV NAtural Health is charging me $5 monthly without my consent or ordering anything. I don't know how they had my bank information??????? I tried to call them on 844-889-1789, a number that kept sending me to a strange website. Please if you know any contact details send it to me to stop this ridiculous way of getting money from people. Thank you.

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  • Ho
    Howcome? Feb 23, 2019

    PSV Natural Health charged my credit card for US$89.00 for no reason. I did not order anything from them and I'm wondering how they got my credit card details. I wrote to them on their website but they did not respond. I can only conclude this is a fraudulent outfit and one to be avoided.

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  • Ch
    Charles Sylvia Nov 11, 2019

    PSV Natural Health charged my credit card $44.50 without my consent. How did they get my credit card information?

    We did not place an order with you.

    C.S Sylvia

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  • Da
    Danie Terblanche Jan 12, 2020

    Psv is serious professional fraudsters and miat go tp jail

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  • Da
    Danie Terblanche Jan 12, 2020

    Psv is serious professional fraudsters and must go to jail

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  • Mr
    Mrs. burns Jan 14, 2020

    Psv has been charging my account. 37.00.I called them
    They say we have no records of you. The guy said spell your name. I did. Nope not in the system. So then guy says what card did you use. I told them I don’t order why do you want my card number. I did not give him my number. Then this person says I look it up b your social. I said absolutely not so I called my bank n I closed that debit card. And the charge was only in pending status so they can’t get any money at all.

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  • Ni
    Nicky Davies Feb 02, 2020

    Me too! Just went to check my account only to find a charge of 37.95 UK pounds to PSV Natural Health and have no idea what this is for. Will try to get to grips with this after the weekend.

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Grima Feb 08, 2020

    This morning I received a message from my bank saying that PSV tried to charge my credit card the amount of USD37. I cannot understand how they got my credit card information. The good thing is that their fraud request was declined because I do not keep a lot of money in my credit card unless I am about to buy something online. I'm calling my bank asap.

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