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Progressive Management Systems review: Questionable debt collection practices.

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Our family has had several ER Visits and hospitalizations at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, Ca in the past year. It takes Mission Hospital about 3 months to get a billing statement to you. We have been paying on 8 different accounts, regularly/monthly, $100.00 or more each. Mission Hospital negotiates these monthly payments and we receive a statement from Mission Hospital for each of these accounts monthly. (Sometimes the statement contains an updated/accurate amount, sometimes not). On each of these accounts, several of them prior to even receiving a statement from Mission Hospital as well as accounts which have been paid in full (sometimes a year or more ago), we have received "Collection" notices from PMS/Progressive Management Systems. These collection notices contain exaggerated, inaccurate amounts owed (sometimes higher than the actual amount billed) along with a charge for interest at the rate of 10.00%. We have written to PMS on each of these accounts indicating that: (a) Mission Hospital has indicated these accounts were not turned over to collection; (b) the amounts they are attempting to collect on are inaccurate and exaggerated (c) proof of payment in full of accounts they are attempting to collect on and; (c) they are to cease and desist forwarding these collection notices and telephoning our home leaving vague messages which insinuate that someone in our family has asked that they call and it is urgent the call be returned! A copy of each of these correspondences was forwarded to Mission Hospital containing the patient ID/account no for their reference. Despite getting Mission Hospital involved and forwarding a cease and desist letter, Progressive Management Service continues to forward collection notices which contain no note of any payments made, exaggerated amounts owed and exorbitant interest rates. Mission indicates that it has not turned any of these matters over to collection. If this is actually the case, one can only assume that employees in Mission Hospital's billing office are getting kick backs from Progressive Management Systems for information concerning accounts which they then attempt to collect upon. Due to the level of stress and frustration PMS causes, we will no longer be seeking treatment of any nature at Mission Hospital. I am not certain who regulates PMS however, with the amount of complaints directed toward them regarding their questionable debt collection practices, someone is derelict in their responsibilities.

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