Presto Drycleanershooligan manager c. y chan

D Nov 29, 2017

Send my cardigan for dryclean. Damage by them. Try to rectify 2 times and only got worst. Admit they didn't handle my items properly, admit staff not train to take special care for delicate items. Offered to send to supplier to have damage leather changed. Proceed to send to their 3rd party supplier without my consent. Result was even worst than before. Manager C. Y Chan finally takes up the issue after staff unable to make a decision. Admit all their fault. Insist compensation according to T& C, even though mishandle items should not be under the rules. As rules states that compensation on damage due to product issue. C. Y Chan start raising his voice through the phone. Given option was to accept the compensation or just take the item and leave.

Presto Drycleaners
Presto Drycleaners

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