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Unethical is the best word I can use to describe this experience. We had to fight to get the pup after paying and her having our money for a week. She even agreed that it should not have taken that long(we have pictures of all texts, emails, and messages.) She had given him to a nanny to fly to us. We were told then that he flew home with the nanny, which was between us. When in fact, he was flown the other direction and was on the opposite side of the country. He did not come with what the she says. Not even his medical/health records. He came with food and 4 syringes of something that we were told by our vet to not give him since we had no idea of what it was (we have pictures). We had to ask several times for a copy of his records. He also has an umbilical hernia which was not disclosed to us and will need surgery for. We have pictures of emails, texts, and messages with Jill. We highly recommend you stay away from this breeder. Sadly, it caused so much stress for us. After almost 3 weeks of the puppy being available to come home and a week of having all of our money, we had to fight to get our puppy. I also recommend looking at other review sites and under different names as she has changed her business name several times. If you would like to see the conversations, just message me.

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    Jill Renee Aug 25, 2018

    I am sorry that the delivery took longer than expected. We fly stand by which we always tell our families up front and without having a direct flight from me to you we had the pet nanny take him home because it gave us more direct flight options. I stayed in contact with you through the whole process. I was very understanding of your position and never once acted unprofessional in email, phone or text.

    The comment about changing names is not true. I have been breeding for almost 9 years and when I stated I was in Kansas City and our name was KC Paw Pad, I relocated to a Iowa 4 years ago and we changed the name to a Poodles 2 Doodles those are the only two names I have ever used for my breeding program.

    You were also very well aware what was in the syringes, I told both you and your husband that when puppies make a transition it can sometimes upset their tummies so I was sending a few days of a liquid probiotic from my vet. I explained how to give it and when. This was through a text message and your husband replied so I’m sure anyone that sees your text between us will also see that one.

    Delivery took longer than normal which was out of my control but there was nothing unethical, if you feel I delivered an unhealthy puppy I would agree and if you feel that way you should of stated that when I asked several times how the puppy was. I stand behind every single one of my puppies so if you feel I delivered a puppy that isn’t what I promised please contact me directly and I will gladly come get him.

    Paying for a puppy upfront now days is also not being unethical, you’d have a hard time finding a breeder that doesn’t expect this and some are even requiring puppies be paid in full before they are 8 weeks of age.

    I believe this is more about things not happening when and how you wanted then it is about ethics and unhealthy puppies.

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