Pollo Tropical / Pollo Operationsvery long wait and the food wouldn't detach from the foil paper. the food was fused to the foil paper.

I went to the Pollo Tropical in Pompano Beach, FL on 11/08/2019. Not only was I stuck on the drive through line for 45 Minutes, the Quesadilla wrap sandwich I ordered was stuck to the foil paper the sandwich was wrapped in. This infuriated me because my whole lunch hour was done and I was left to decide to either poison myself by eating this sandwich or starve and return the sandwich. I chose to starve and I got my money back as I expected, however, I now have ill feelings towards Pollo Tropical. This was very unfair and things need to change in regards to the long wait on the drive through line. Every time I go to this particular Pollo Tropical, the wait on the drive through line is anywhere from 10-45 minutes. The chicken they serve is a little too raw for my liking as well. I hope upper management for Pollo Tropical takes a look into that particular franchise and handle this complaint accordingly. As for me and POLLO TROPICAL, I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM ANY OF THERE LOCATIONS AGAIN!

Nov 08, 2019

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