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I've heard through inside sources that Joe Armetta's termination will be announced before the next conference. Most likely Jeff will hire someone outside the company who actually has executive experience and a proven track record.

Most of the dealers and managers believed Joe Armetta was in over his head. Jeff is expected to accept some of the responsibility for this firing at the opening speech in MN.

I feel this is positive news. From the very beginning I have felt PMD has unlimited potential. With the termination of Joe Armetta PMD management has shown they are willing to make the proactive decisions needed to remain the dominant player in their space.


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      Oct 01, 2009

    As a current dealer, the issues of the last year are so overwhelming it’s hard to face the reality of the company’s direction. I am a mid level dealer and hope to be bigger some day but the actions of management and the new agreement just seems to make it not worth the fight. I don’t think I can sign the Franchise agreement and have been told that will probably not be in my best interests long term. Unfortunately the new agreement is not in anyone’s best interest. I’m just wondering and have some basic questions?

    1) What could have made you screw up this company so bad? Are your legal issues that bad that you would change everything that you did for the last ten years?
    2) Why did the past PMD disappear and you hide its performance in your disclosure documents? When I was recruited you made it sound special.
    3) Were the past performance indicators so inaccurate that they had to be wiped off the face of the earth so that no one could ever know the lies?
    4) You started to talk about the move to a franchise in late 2007. Why, and is it really the opportunity that you are trying to make it or is it just more of the same. I looked at the new website and it’s the same as Power Marketing Direct was no new benefits that I can see. Just a lot of new pictures and no new benefits that I can see.
    5) How could you convince anyone to sign up for this Franchise Opportunity without providing statistical analyses of the business and removing the ridiculous requirements.
    6) Successful company’s become Franchise’s and highlight how they started and where they were in development. PMD makes believe the past never existed except for the 70 dealers that were running the program and might be signing up.
    7) What makes you believe that you will be able to sell this opportunity without the support and critical mass of the existing dealer base to sell the program?
    8) Why would anyone want to sign a more restrictive agreement with the management and ownership of this company given the feelings of distrust at the dealer level?
    9) The company was built on weekly competitive results that created a buzz or hype and stimulated business and stoked the competitive juices. No reports, no tabs and no success stories and the company seems like it is dying. Weekly sales are lower than ever.
    10) You claim that the outsiders are causing the problems but you have not offered solutions or answers to very specific claims and circumstances that most dealers believe are accurate and true.
    11) We have a legal contract but have been told by managers that PMD doesn’t want dealers who don’t sign the Franchise agreement. Is that legal?
    12) Why doesn’t Jeff like to communicate and talk to the dealers person to person so that maybe he can do a better job of explaining his vision?
    13) Do you really believe that the dealer care about the Retailer of the Year award when they look at the problems associated with their personal business?
    14) Does anyone care that the company’s business is so bad and doesn’t have any chance of recovering this year?
    15) If the marriage between PMD and licensee’s is over why prolong the agony on both sides?
    16) I am not interested in the Franchise as it has been presented. What am I missing and what will change for the better in the future?

    Rather than posting the Retailer of the Year article take the time and answer the questions. The award is meaningless and it doesn't matter if you made the company and its performance disappear. If this is not the right forum tell me when I can expect the response to my email address. I think the info would be good for everyone.

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