Planet Fitnessdiscrimination

L Jan 11, 2020

I have been a member for almost a year. When I signed up, I decided having my photo taken, and was told that was fine as long as I had proper identification with me. I agreed. I should note, nother in the contract States that I need to have a photo on file. If that were the case, I would have been entering into the agreement with full knowledge of that and no complaints! I recently visited my location, and was told upon checking in that I needed to have my photo taken. I declined and told the representative that I had already spoken with a manager And I would go to my car to get my identification. Keep in mind, I had been admitted to this gym many times before this incident occurred. I came back and the rep took my driver's license and proceeded to take a picture of my driver's license. I said no, I refuse to have my photo taken off my driver's license but that he could indirect it to verify my self as the owner of the account. After my time at the gym, leaving I was intimidated outside by an employee by the name of Cesar who told me I would not be admitted to the gym next time without submitting to a photo bring taken. I told him that it was unprofessional to follow me out to my car on the sidewalk to tell me that, and that I had verifying CA state residence id to prove my identity. He insisted I wouldn't be admitted. As it's the weekend, corporate office isn't available but I believe I they falsely misrepresented themselves upon initial sign up and since I have been allowed on every occasion since I visited to enter, this employee 'manager' had no right to disciminate me. I will add that before I checked in that day, they checked in an older gentleman that didn't have an id, just a phone number...

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