Pizza Hutim complaining about the manager

U Nov 18, 2019

the manager at Hugo Pizza hut sits around talks about other employees got behind their back I am the open server and when I come in the tables are nasty floors are filthy shakers have not been filled the chicken has not been portioned and when I mentioned something to her about it she acts like she doesn't care and tells me to do it I do not mind but I had my own stuff I'm supposed to do and don't have time to do everybody else's nor get paid for it she's on her phone all the time playing games or letting her son's come in and stand around and talk her husband well I was waiting on to customers that were seen it sitting at my table he proceeded to walk up trying to sell jewelry and talking about how he used to be a dope dealer and that he wasn't anymore but he didn't mind smoking it which made my customers get up and walk out and make me look bad I don't think it's fair that all this stuff can go on and nothing be done about it

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