Pizza Hutillegal service fee (taxes are already high enough) a scam for corporations to continue enriching

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As much as illegal activity that's going on in this world the only thing now we need is for restaurants and big Corporations to continue taking more money than necessary from their customers/members. I experienced this illegal activity couple days before 4th of July 2019. I had ordered a pizza with no extra type of toppings, crust, or anything that would INCREASE the cost of me and my family ordering a pizza and to my knowledge the girl that gives me a total and says it will be ready in 20 min. I ask her is there any reason why the total is more than what taxes included.? Did I get charged for the 3 toppings ? AND THEN ONCE I ASKED HER ABOUT THE PRICE DIFFERENCE She clearly explained that their is a service fee now and started naming a few other companies that are doing it, and trying to make me comfortable with each company she named. I asked her if this "Service Fee" would be printed on my receipt which then she explained yes. I arrived to the place of crime to receive the product I had ordered. As I show up I tell the young gentleman in the front, perhaps I can get a print out of what you guys are charging this "Service Fee" for or a disclosure? His response was to speak to the Lady Manager and she said they have something on the counter. As I asked for Parmesan Cheese and Red Hot peppers, that are usually supplied with the Purchase order they charge 99 cents PER. I couldn't quite understand what circus parade was going on, as I pay for the pizza I grab my pizza and test to see if the kid was going to give me my change and accept my pizza and receipt and walk to my car to set the pizza down. Im waiting for him to wave me down or at least come out and acknowledge his mistake and which he doesn't. This greedy act aggravated me quite a bit, went back inside the place of crime and before I can say anything the cashier states, "oh you FORGOT Your change..." as I received my change I told the customer there be careful with them taking more than what they are charging you. This is an absolutely illegal act and aren't able to charge more than what STATE TAX and Their PROVIDED Prices are posted. Not only that after inspecting my receipt they had input a different number to receive rewards on a different number which is another way of taking your rewards and taking your credit for others purchases. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO ANY CORPORATE PIZZA PARLOR. I will now SUPPORT MOM AND POP Shops or locale restaurants and Hit them where it hurts since this is a pick and choose outcome. Because of The Rewards that was stolen and not only that the illegal service fee... Just because we are in california doesn't mean that we have to be charged for breathing. completely illegal... Ticket# 0203 Date: 7/2/2019 Time:10:51 The phone number stealing the rewards: 661-547-0808 I would want a class action settlement with this corporation to be done and to return not only all the money returned to all of those they have stolen it from, also to return rewards points disbursed to every member who has ever ordered since this ILLEGAL ACT HAS BEGUN. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY.


  •   Jul 04, 2019

    There is nothing illegal about a service fee. Most chain pizza places do that and I agree that it isn’t fair. They don’t raise the price to compete so charge a fee instead.

    Years ago I’d ask for silverware, napkins and paper plates. If they want to charge a service fee, I want free stuff.

    Red pepper and cheese packets cost them so they pass on the charge. Ask for six or eight packets of each and use @ home

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  •   Jul 05, 2019

    Complain to congress about the taxes being too damned high. It has nothing to do with pizza hut. By law there has to be taxes on food in restaurants. PH is considered a restaurant whether you take it to go, get it delivered or sir down.

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  •   Jul 05, 2019

    Since when does "no extra type of toppings, ..." = 3 toppings???

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  •   Jul 06, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Maybe the earthquake scrambled their brains...

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