PetSmartbreeze pellets and pads buy 2 get 1 free

An Sep 21, 2019 Review updated:

Yesterday, Friday September 20, 2019, I went into Petsmart to purchase the Breeze Pellets and Cat Pads. They were advertised (signs under BOTH products) as Buy 2 get 1 free. I grabbed two packages of cat pads and 1 package of pellets. I took them up to the front and they told me that I had to buy 2 of the SAME product to get the SAME product for free. Never has this been the case, but this particular Petsmart is constantly changing the rules-Advertised or not! They took the sign off of one of the products and said that the advertisement was only for the pellets (even though each sign had the products name on it) and made it so that you had to get 3 of the same product. This is dishonest and unfair to anyone who has to purchase this product. It is already VERY expensive: $17.49 for the pellets and $16.49 for the cat pads. I don't trust the practices of this Petsmart! I will go to the other Petsmart that is WAY out of my way.

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