Petroleum Canada Gas Stationstore shut down with elderly gentleman locked inside

N Jan 03, 2020

Today, Friday Jan 3rd @ 10:00am, I purchased gas and a car wash. I sat in the car wash line up for a very long time. Finally, when I realized the line wasn't moving, I attempted to enter the building to report the problem. By the way, once in the lineup you are unable to leave unless you are the first car or the last car. The door to the cash bar was locked, with an elderly gentleman using a cane trapped inside. I spoke to him through the crack in the door. He said he thought the girl was in the bathroom and that she must not have realized he was in the store. I asked him to tell her that the car wash was at a standstill, if she ever came out. Shortly after, the line began to move. She was lucky that it was a little old man that she had locked in and not a thief. If this is how your bathroom breaks are handled, you may want to rethink this process. I did not appreciate being stuck inline for such a long time!

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