Pearle Visionglasses

N Jul 24, 2019

I have purchased glasses there for the past ten years. After a car accident six years ago I could no longer wear their glasses. I spoke to them repeatedly for the past six years telling them their glasses were giving me headaches. I also insisted after my last eye exam that they repeat it after I received my new glasses that also caused me many severe headaches. I had to stop wearing their glasses because of the headaches they caused. Finally I went elsewhere and found out the prescription and glasses they gave me all that time since the car accident was wrong. My eyes were out of alignment and the difficulty their glasses caused seems not to have been understood by the manager. They offered me free new lenses for my current eye glasses with no appreciation of the headaches they caused me for years. My life is so much better now that I have the correct glasses. this cannot be overstated. Plus, they put an enhancement factor on their eyeglass prescriptions to make them a little stronger, presumably to impress clients but it actually makes the prescription stronger. I kept telling them the glasses were too intense and they told me I was sensitive. I am extremely disappointed that I was not listened to and they blamed me for the difficulty their glasses caused me. Absolutely pathetic service.

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