Panera Breadunethical behavior

An Sep 28, 2019

I am currently three weeks in with my employment at this Panera. I have decided to quit because of the general manager that works here. At first I believed it wouldn't be too much of a problem so I had left it alone. But as I continue to work with her I am only left with more complaints. I do believe myself to be lacking because I'm still new to this job, but I do handle most things well. I understand the pressures when it gets busy, but this manager takes her stress out when talking to other employees and sometimes customers speaking in harsh ways. Fellow employees know this about her and many do not like working with her but most of us choose not to say anything because she is in a higher position. I have only recently started and due to shortage of staff I was thrown into handling multiple jobs at once. Which I had no problem with and I still don't unless I am working with this manager. She told me to ask her questions when I need to and yet when I do she would answer back in frustration a lot of the time. I also was supposed to receive my first paycheck and on the payday I did not receive it. The next day I decided to ask this general manager through someone else and they relayed that yes I was supposed to paid on this payday and it should be taken care of within the next two days. It has not and when I came into work the days after that. She argued that I should have already been paid. I have not. She said she would look into it now but my paycheck is well overdue. Many times have I heard her talking about other employees and complaining about their behavior. One specific instance would be that I was handling the drive thru because she told me that is my main job. But at the same time she wanted me to handle barista orders. I asked her if she had wanted me to do the drive thru first and she didn't provide an answer and instead groaned in frustration at me. And I heard her talking about the way I was doing things. I could understand if she behaved this way once or twice but it has been on multiple occasions these instances have happened and if I were to continue working I know these behaviors will only continue. I believe that in a workplace someone such as a manager must guide people through their jobs properly and not vent out in frustration especially when knowing they are newer to the job. I would like complete privacy on this matter and thank you for taking the time to read this complaint.

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