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Sw Oct 01, 2019

I ordered a cup of chili with a sprouted grain roll from the Drive through. The chili was fine but the roll was stale. Surprisingly, this was the second time I received a roll (particularly the sprouted grain ones) that were stale.

A month ago, I ordered a pick 2 and requested the sprouted grain roll. The cashier told me we're out of sprouted rolls. I told her I would take a baguette. While I waited for an unusually long time for my food about 8-10 minutes (I was number 2 on the list) the food preparer reached down to retrieve what I perceived to be a sprouted grain roll. I then commented that the cashier told me you were all out, to which she replied, "Oh, no! We have some."

Needless to say, the roll was VERY stale. What is going on at this store? Stale rolls, unusual wait times. Not good.

I really have to stop going to this location.

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