Panera Breadnever get my order right

Bo Oct 09, 2019

The last 4 times I have placed a rapid order pick-up with the Pittsfield Panera my order has not been right. They are always forgetting the bread, not putting meat on my salad when I order, I don't get the soup I ordered. I'm tired of every time we order there is something wrong. I am not one to complain and I know mistakes happen but today I ordered 1 bowl autumn soup, 1 bowl of broccoli cheddar soup, a full spicy thia salad, and a you pick 2 ( Caesar salad w/chicken, broccoli cheddar soup. I checked as I was leaving and they did not put my you pick 2 soup in the bag. When I politely asked for a cup a soup I was told " we ran out of that size container and they were in the back". So they filled it and I apologize feeling as though I was an inconvenience. When I got home I realized my Caesar salad had no meat and we did not receive and baguettes. I have giving it 4 chances so far every time I am unimpressed by how rude SOME of the staff is toward customers and how many times my order has been wrong. Like I said mistakes happen but in this case there is just too many mistakes to not leave a complaint.

Panera Bread

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