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Bi Oct 08, 2019

We used the drive thru and first was that the lights in the menu board were out, so I could not even see what was available to order. Next the Loudspeaker was up way too loud, so that the voice coming through was blaring and distorted. I ended up ordering a turkey with avocado, a group broccoli and cheddar soup, and a full baguette (heated). The total of my order was $26.51.
So, the broccoli soup came in 5 little bowls instead of the standard large bowl. The bread was NOT heated as ordered and it was stale. The sandwich was okay. I asked the girl at the window why the bread wasn't warm and she said that it would take 5 minutes... well I already waited 5min to get my order, so why...
Then she said that since she didn't heat the bread she threw in an extra bag of chips (which was the side I ordered with the sandwich). Well kettle chips are not my favorite. I just wanted the bread heated.
To top it off she didn't give me a receipt with the order.

Panera Bread

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    Never go there again

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