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M Dec 16, 2019


Update to post as of 4:30 today
Deb stated to my husband that if I take down my post(s)/reviews she would drop off rental and honor the warranty but she already knows that the issue is not with any if the work she did.
Its amazing it was an issue with her work/parts the first 7 visits but without doing a diagnostic she already knows its something else.

She then called my husband back and stated that I have not only provided negative reviews but also posted about her faulty work on several sites. She proceeded to tell him that he cannot control me but her lawyer sure can and that my post is deformation of character.

I have attached the work orders provided to us as well as all messages between her and I to show my statement below is not deformation of character but an honest recap of the issues with this garage.

Over the course of today I also uncovered that they recently open a 2nd garage (deb and her son) in Hudson under a different name "Kingston Automotive and Welding".


I had an issue with my air conditioner on my 2015 Chev Silverado. We took the truck into Paladin on July 22nd for the first time and dealt directly with the owner Deb Kingston. We were told that the compressor was bad and that it would cost $727.80. The compressor was replaced and the truck was returned to us on July 23rd.

On July 24th the truck was back at the garage for the same issue. Deb stated she would get to the bottom of this and the truck would be fixed properly (mind you we have a year warranty on the work done). Deb called and stated that there was a leak in one of the lines that attached to the back of the compressor now, no price was quoted since we had the warranty and the lines were not leaking on the 22nd (per Deb it was the compressor). The truck was returned to us the evening of the 24th as well as a bill for $346. We spoke with Deb who gave us a run around as to why there was not at leak originally. Needless to say, we wrote a check for the $346 and hoped we were done dealing with these people. Unfortunately we were not that lucky.

On Oct 22nd (3rd time) the truck was back at the garage for the same issue. According to Deb (the owner), in her exact words "it is leaking by the line near the compressor, so he is taking apart to see if it is an o ring or if it is actually the compressor". According to Deb all the lines were changed for the second time. However, this was a lie. Prior to them picking up the truck we marked the lines so that we could see if the work she was claiming was actually done. The lines were not changed. There was some sort of putty on the line where they claimed it was leaking. Needless to say this is the only visit that we do not have a work order for and Deb continues to give us a run around about it.

On Nov 22nd the truck was back for the 4th time with the same issue. According to the work order the compressor and lines were replaced once again. They were supposedly ordered from a different manufacture. According to Deb the rep from the parts place where she got the parts from world be there to see what was going on with the compressor and the line. At this point the line that was leaking, that we paid for was still not changed. It still had the putty around the line. .

13th hours later, Nov 23rd we took the truck back for the 5th time in because the compressor tension bolt was hanging from the compressor. The bolt was tightened and we brought the truck home.

On the same day, Nov 23rd after bring the truck home we had compressor oil all over our driveway and underside of the truck. We took truck right back for the 6th time to the garage and after arguing with her she stated the line was broken and that she was going to replace everything under warranty once again.

Deb made us wait from Nov 23rd to Dec 2nd for the parts.

On Dec 2nd the truck was at the garage for the 7th time, once she finally got the parts. According to the work order the A/C Compressor part # 198381, A/C dryer part # 83382, expansion valve part # 31-31342 and A/C Delco part # 23220458 were replaced.

Today Dec 10th for the 8th time we spoke with Deb and she is stating that there is no way there is an issue with the work she did. However, we still do not have A/C $1073 later.
Sh now wants the truck for 4 to 5 5 hours to diagnose the issue as she is now trying to get out of the warranty saying the issue is something else.

After putting up a negative review on this business Deb post on the review (then decided to take it down after I asked her if she was threatening not to honor the 12 month warrany that restarted for the 7th time on Dec 2) threatening not to honor the warranty. She also sent me a pm call us names and making reference to other issues that were never diagnosed the first 7 times. I guess diagnostics was not important those first 7 times.

As of this morning she called my husband asking if he saw the reviews that were put up and when he said yes she proceeded to tell him based on her lawyers advise she would not be fixing the issue with the air. When my hudband pushed and sslaid "so Deb you are not honoring your warranty" she hung up on him.

Her lack of professionalism and business sense is astonishing. Im guessing if she did speak to a lawyer, she lied to him the same way she lies to her customers. She is also forgetting I have proof of every single time she worked on the truck, the fact that she did not change parts that she stated she did in the work order and all the conversations.

The bigger issue is that she has just told husband that they are shutting this location down.

Throughout this entire nightmare, we were accused of turning on the A/C when it is cold out causing the damage, driving the truck to much and the peb
bles from the road causing the damage, taking off a security cap and messing with the A/C. The only time a security cap was placed on the A/C was Nov 23rd and her mechanic confirmed this showing that this women lies through her teeth. The only issue we have ever had with this truck is the A/C and the work she has done.

This garage is the most unprofessional business around and does not have a clue of what they are doing apparently.

As a side note because I have heard from Deb numerous times that the negative reviews are not factual and the individual have never set foot in her shop, I will say this to prove that the poor work was done by her shop:
1. I have numerous messages back and forth with Deb concerning the work that was done as well as all the issues.
2. I have 4 work orders showing the same work being done by her shop time and time again

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