Outback Steakhousetime on lunch to get food

L Jul 15, 2019 Review updated:

2 of us came in for lunch and sat at the bar at 11:06 am. We were the first customers in the restaurant. After our drinks had to get replaced because they were wrong we ordered. We knew what we wanted when we sat down due to use being regular customers. Our order was put in at 11:16. Had to get up and get our silverware because the server was too busy. We got our bread around 11:30 and our food at 11:50. We only get a lunch hour so we were very unhappy with how long it took and that we only got 10 minutes to eat. Also asked to speak with the manager twice and he was too busy to come talk.

time on lunch to get food


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    TheManager Jul 15, 2019

    Lmao get fast food next time

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    Thirty minutes may seem a long wait but you were the first customers that day. The stoves and pots and pans weren’t hot yet and it takes a few minutes to get settled in the kitchen. I’ve only been to a restaurant once as they open because common sense says they are setting up for the day.

    The only time I did I was with my mom and she ordered a chicken sandwich. It came quickly and looked good. Cutting it in half revealed pink, raw chicken. The pan wasn’t hot enough and they judged it by the look only. She got another at no charge but my lunch arrived and I ate hot food while she waited. I was almost done when hers arrived. The manager offered free dessert without asking for it. We felt they tried very hard to satisfy us. It truly was an error but one bite could have been disastrous.

    Never again did she or I get to a restaurant as they opened.

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