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This was the worst service I have ever experienced from outback @ 7206 NW Cache RD., Lawton OK 73505 and will be the last. Today was my mother n laws birthday and we decided to show her how Outback celebrate birthdays. As soon as we entered I let the ladies @ the front know we had a birthday to celebrate. After we almost finish eating my husband went back to let them know again. The manager Britany came to the table and we let her know for the 3rd time. Before we knew it the crew was over singing happy birthday to another table. My mother n law said "is this how Outback celebrate their birthdays" hmm they over look me but sing to the other table that came in way after we did. I guess since we're African American we don't get that privilege. Britany apologized and offered gift cards and my husband excepted the cards and I asked him to give them away because you can't cover this type of mistake up. Britany tells us that they were short staffed and that's why. I feel that if they was short staffed why would you sing to any tables. Everyone should have been told that due to staffing we will do all we can to make it happen. I'm really blown away about this racism mess. Also when I asked for cooperates phone number Kristen gave me the website and tried to explain. I let her know that I called for the number and since she wanted to refuse me the number I would locate it myself and ended the call


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    Denise WASH Aug 23, 2014

    This was the worst experience i ever had. Manager notified me missed the call because i was at work. Called back left amessage with one of the worker manager never called back at its been two months. Used to be a good restaurant but overcooked food, bad mangement, and i had hair in my salad. Nasty!!!. But they have the worst customer service. Way to go charleston sc

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    randall payne Mar 08, 2017

    i, am 58 years old been eating at outback every sence they opend to us they are the best steak house by far my dauther has cp and my wife and i both have health problems now we did go their about 2 to3 times a mounth jayson is the manger at commerce georgia he told us to allways tell the hostis that we wanted to set up front and close after many times with the problem i was fed up the last time we went to outback the hostis carried us all the way to the back cornner i said to the hostis is this up front and close the were only 8 customers in the whole resturant she told me that most people with dont espect special treatment we walk out and have been back outback and will never again mabe they will lose the rest of their customers and let thoese litte smat mouth 16 year old hostis run the resturants RANDALL PAYNE P/S YOU HAVE WHO MADE WITH OUT CUSTOMERS OUT BACK WILL FOLD LIKE SO MANY OUTHERS HAVE INT PAST WHEN THEY FORGOT WHO IS IMPORTANT

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