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T Oct 22, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Teresa Gail Roberts. My email address is [protected]

I placed an order to pick up on Monday, October 21, 2019. A number on my sales receipt is 0491, if that helps with this complaint. I picked up the order at 07:43 p.m. We ordered two prime rib dinners with dressed baked potatoes, one with chopped salad and one wedge salad. When I arrived home, I first discovered that sour cream and toppings had been provided for only one potato. Nothing was included for the second potato. Next, I discovered that we were given a house salad instead of the chopped salad, for which we paid extra. Finally, both prime rib dinners were cooked medium rare. I had ordered one medium rare and one medium.

We always look forward to our prime rib dinners. However, it is very disappointing when an order arrives with so many mistakes. I don't understand why the servers who are packaging these meals for carry-out can't prepare them properly. After all, they have a printed order in front of them. All they need to do is take a few second to check the order. If these kinds of mistakes happened occasionally, they wouldn't be so offensive. However, we find mistakes of this nature at least one out of every three carry-out orders, sometimes several in a row. This is unacceptable.


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    Everywhere Oct 22, 2019

    Having had the misfortune of working in restaurants while attending college, I can tell you that carryout orders are not given the same care and concern as orders that are placed by dining in customers - from both the cooks and the employees packing the orders. You really have to check carryout orders before leaving the restaurant premises.

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