Orkinunfriendly, rude, uncaring, not addressing the problems, inconsiderate

Br Oct 09, 2019

I called for there service because I saw 2 cockroach inside and just wanted to make sure that we were not having bugs. We'll 1st visit they put out them sticky roach hotels and did not even hide them so the babies could not get them, and they sprayed outside never inside that was it. Was supposed to come 4 days later well I called the very next day because I smoke outside and I had ants literally crawling in me they were that bad I had never had that problem and my babies are allergic to ants they came and threw granulated down that it. 2 days later I called because ants were in my house that had never been they sent someone to put granule down again. 3 days ago I smelled a dead mouse but couldn't find it well I followed my nose because the smell was so bad u had to leave windows and door open they put them mouse glue strip down through the house and never told me the mouse was on 1 behind my washer I called told them come get all their stuff and canceled my contract and give my money back it took them 6 hours to come to my house and get that dead mouse and then he only was taken that I had to run and stop him to get the rest out. The manager darrius taylor was rude and instead of coming and fixing my problem I had called him with at 750 this morning he waited till 130 pm I called every number on google for orkin even cooperation and always got the same exact person. This place is a joke and do nothing but take your money and throw down traps you can pay $1 for and charge you $120.00 every 3 months. I am waiting for them to send me a check for what I paid. Do not use them you will regret it. Brandy

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