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Buyer beware, it's a trap. This is a monthly subscription and any design you create is not yours. We ordered 250 sheet packs of several different sizes. We received an activation code with the order. IF we had ordered smaller packs and 1 size per order we would have received more codes to complete the printing for these blanks. That was the first mistake, ordering all at once. The second was spending hours and weeks using maestro to create these design. Designs that are now the property of onlinelables/maestro. All the labor hours and creative energy that went into creating the designs does not belong to your business. Our printer was in the shop for several months and the activation code expired during that time. It was an unforeseen occurrence but this day and age if something is going to go wrong and slow or stop production, it will. Buying the larger bulk packs is not a better value if your paying a separate monthly fee to print them. Spending hours perfecting designs that can not be our companies intellectual property.

Claimed loss: Labor hours designing and creating. Hundreds of dollars on blank labels that we have to spend more money to use. Time spent recommending this company and then the time spend apologizing to everyone I recommended this company to.

Desired outcome: Warn others of the actuality of getting involved with this company. It's not just a way for small businesses to function sustainably it's a long game trap.

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