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they advertise on tv, the one second needle, for $10.00and the second pkg free if i paid $5.99 for shipping and handaling.when the pkg arrived they had charged my credit card $42.21 and it was confirmed on the invoice they sent me. not only that but they sent to my son ronald and he does not live with me.i am very upset, because i live on a fix income, i am 78 years old and going blind i orderd those needle to repair my clothes.i am sending back the pkg, hoping to recover my $42.21

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one second needle - Did not get my order
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very disappointed Rosa
Clovis, US
Mar 24, 2011 3:17 am EDT

I totally agree with DigustendinPenna, I was so excited to finally see that a woman put its all into her dream but the needle lost something in the mass production. I would love an original to compare. Ive put the needle threw many types of material it is easy to thread that is for sure but when it comes to sewing, well the needles are dull the head is to short needs to be longer so it wont catch material when sewing, the head of the needle needs to be sharper for it too catches and pulls material threw. I really had wished Pam Turner all the best but maybe money to fast for past bills side blinded her an didn't pay attention to mass production. The needles also need to be a strong stainless steel not made so cheap for money they are asking for.
Very disappointed Rosa

Devon, US
Mar 18, 2011 2:28 am EDT
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Do Not Buy the 'One Second Needle!' I did today, and I'm returning it tomorrow! The surface of the needles is irregular and deteriorating in the package. It is of VERY cheap material. (Doesn't say on the literature within; I'd love to snap one in half to see if its plastic or what, but since I'm returning the package, I can't). I tried to use the needle and found that not only does it catch the thread, IT CATCHES ON THE ITEM BEING SEWN! I tried it on 3 items of different types of materials and it happened EACH TIME! Then, I had a great deal of trouble getting it out again! Its CHEAPLY MADE, INEFFECTIVE, AND DESTRUCTIVE. -----TOTALLY USELESS-----