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When I went to sew with the one second needle, I found that the eye of the needle kept getting stuck in the material. The eye was so fragile that when the needle was pushed thru the material, it would bend and cause the needle to jam. In my opinion, the One Second Needle was not with the $10.00 that I paid for it. Since I did not purchase the needle through the t.v. telemarketing ad, I only bought the one set needles and did not get a second set "free". I've learned over the years, not to trust telemarketing ads since they don't give you the whole truth about whatever they are selling! Maybe the BBB should be cracking down these telemarketers for their deceptive practices.


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Jul 09, 2011 2:45 am EDT

I too purchased the One Second Needle because I needed something easy with changes in eyesight, etc. It was HORRIBLE! It was hung in the fabric and I had to cut the fabric 'thread' it attached to. Couldn't push it forward or pull it out backward. It was a TOTAL waste of my $10. Thank goodness I'd bought it in a discount store instead of online where the cost would've been more. Even if I'd gotten a 'free' one, the shipping alone would've been a big waste. Please don't do anymore infomercials on this item. It's a TOTAL rip off even down the the sewing kit included. The scissors and even the safety pins are cheap, cheap, cheap. Tank this con item IMMEDIATELY!