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Omni Business SolutionsFraud and cheating

This is the fourth time I've reported Omni Business Solutions. Incredibly, they have contacted me three times after nearly selling me a contract two years ago. In that incident, I agreed to a contract for mentoring which was woefully inadequate, consisting of courses that had little or no applicability to my efforts as an online marketer and would have been a complete waste of time. In addition, the hours allotted for a one-one mentoring session(s) were completely inadequate as well.

Before I signed the contract they charged my credit card. When I told them the contract was unacceptable, they became extremely verbally abusive. After the verbal abuse, they sent me a very long and essentially demented email begging me to sign it. I refused and demanded they credit my account.

I received to more phone calls after that spaced about 8 to 9 months apart. Each followed my purchase of an ebook written by one of the Internet marketing gurus, Mike Glaspie and Latif Muhammed (Google Snatch). Claiming they represented these individuals -- incidentally the one involving Latif Muhammed was a real joke. When I asked the rep who wrote Google Snatch he didn't know. When I asked how he could be representing Google Snatch when he didn't know who the author was, he tried to tap dance around the question. In the previous incident, involving Mike Glaspie, I asked for an email from Mr. Glaspie confirming that he actually had contracted these people. I received no email, of course.

The latest incident involved another Omni rep again claiming they represented Google Snatch. This time the rep knew Latif's first name. He 'reviewed me for qualification for the program' and I got a call from his Supervisor. This happened long after the two incidents I mentioned above, and I had forgotten Omni's name, though I remembered the company that had created the original problem was in St. George.

When they told me they were Omni Business Solutions, my memory was immediately refreshed. I then told them 'no' and they immediately began the abuse 'Tell me why, is it the money? It makes no sense; You don't have the guts, You don't have the balls' etc. As usual, I couldn't get a word in edgewise so I said goodbye and hung up.

This company cries out for INVESTIGATION. They are acquiring lists from people who purchase books online, and they are using the names of famous Internet 'gurus' (whom they claim have contracted them -- a claim I seriously doubt) to recruit people for what is an inadequate and insubstantial 'mentoring' program.

They need to be investigated for deceptive and fraudulent business practices and put out of business if the charges are verified.

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  • Your an idiot, first, Omni doesn't have sales reps, its a separate company that sells packages and then contracts those packages to fulfillment floors, secondly the sales reps only get your information because your hitting websites that are advertising how to make money, how do you think your name came up on their call sheet, how about you get a clue and take some responsibility.

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  • Un
    Unity Against Online Fraud Jan 28, 2009

    Omni Business Solutions is very much in step with these sales rep. They claim they are just the fulfillment company but they get paid from the sales floors and then they charge you for their worthless website builder and every so often they like to raise the price on it. They claim that if you follow their program that your be successful in making money online. I'd like to see 1 of their customers that's ever made their money back after purchasing into this program.

    Want a clue? Omni Business Solutions, ESM and Shanklin International should all be investigated for fraud. And their "President" Jeremy Cobb (if he is even a real person) is a complete and utter idiot. If you have ever read any of his ebooks you'll know what I am talking about. First of all the guy teaching outdated "Internet Marketing Strategies" and secondly they overcharge for their crappy "tools and products" when there are more powerful free tools online.

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  • Oh boy, its so refreshing to get the information from someone who obviously know so much. So dumb ###, the Omni Site Builder has one ten dollar price increase in 4 years, which was back in early 2007. I am not even going to address anything else with you, because on that fact alone its obvious to anyone who is reading this that you have no clue what you are talking about. How about you put down whatever it is your smoking then maybe I will take you seriously.

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  • Un
    Unity Against Online Fraud Feb 05, 2009

    Oh Mr. United Front Against Stupidty,

    That's such an intelligent response. I'm so glad you glad that you can formulate such intelligent sentences with such deep thought put into them. My guess is that you are employed with Omni Business Solutions, ESM or Shanklin International. Do you think I am the only person online that has a complaint against these companies? If you do then you better think again.

    Here is a list of complaints about Omni Business Solutions and their affiliate companies with the latest one being posted only a few weeks ago and this is just from one of several websites that allows users to post their dealings with these types of companies.

    /URL removed/?q5=omni+business+solutions&Search=Search&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search!

    And when you decide to step down from that high horse you have then I will be happy to discuss the accurate information posted here. Until then, please spare everyone your unsolicited malicious remarks and stop making yourself look bad in the process.

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  • Wrong again, boy you just don't know when to quit. The truth is that I was and still am a client from the early days when Omni first began, but I still keep in touch because I understand that the internet is constantly changing and I make full use of the continued support they offer along with daily classes that any client can login and watch. I now have four different types of online businesses so forgive me if I get extremely upset over the way their clients refuse to take any responsibility for their own failure and find it easier to blame Omni. Now I notice that there are some comments on here from former clients wanting to band together and sue Omni. This is a complete example of peoples mentality of not wanting to make money through their own hard work but always trying to find the quick and easy way to get some money.

    As for the [redacted], do you not know that this site allows anyone to post anything they want whether its backed up by fact or not and in order for a company to try and clear its name, Rip Off charges a large fee, did you also not know that the owner is wanted by police and is currently in hiding. Again your comments really show me how you are not educated in the ways of the internet. You really should find out your facts before making slanderous remarks.

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  • Oh and I am also betting on the fact that you are going to ask me to prove my business by providing you the URL's. Let me just state that I have found the people on here to be extremely vicious and I work extremely hard to maintain my businesses and so of course I will not share them on here, because as I have seen on here and on [redacted] the people on here are not above slandering anyone that has a different point of view than them and I have worked too hard (unlike the people on here) to allow anyone to jeopardize that.

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  • Ly
    Lynda Jun 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been investigating this company recently under it's new name - Resultzzs !! On a percentage basis, comments were somewhere around 10% in favour of the company, while the other 90% have some pretty vile things to say about the company. I'm looking to further my internet marketing, so was looking at them with a view to getting some mentoring from them. After what I've learned - no way, jose!!! If it's any concilation, I've checked out a few other mentoring companies as well, with identical results !! So, it seems to me that if you're wanting to become a successful affiliate, for example, then the company you're going to be working with should teach you all you need to know and provide you with all the tools. There are also TONS of cheaper courses available online for around $100 and, from what I've learned over many years, these courses are quite worthwhile and provide good value for money. Very many of them say exactly the same things - so there's got to be something in what they're teaching you, right?

    My advice - stay AWAY from these ridiculously over priced so-called "mentors"!!!They're nothing more than greedy bloodsuckers preying on your innocence and lack of online experience!

    Good luck

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  • Bo
    boobie42 Sep 05, 2009 and are all rip-of mormon ### that just rob people that want to honestly get ahead. They think they are so good that they can talk you out of 10-20 thousand dollars in just one phone call with out even meeting anyone personally. I kept a guy who only gave the name Rob and Mike Feagin and dont forget a one name guy named Richard on hold for two hours. I lied to them and told them that i had an AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD and that i was worth $100 million dollars and a sucessful business man from the BRONX. NY. These idiots waited on the phone for two whole hours while i told them i think me wife misplaced my AMERICAN EXPRESS BLACKCARD with a unlimited credit line. LOL LOL LOL! Thats how stupid and pathetic they are! Im currently unemployed and collecting unemployment $237.00 a week! lol! I spent $40.00 i didnt have on thier scam, I guess two can play that game! STAY AWAY FROM THESE SHYSTERS AND CROOKS! If thier applications are so great why are they making 300 calls a day trying to get other peoples money? They dont use thier own products because they know its all one big SCAM. Im in the process of going to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE OF UTAH. They have to be shut down and im going to do my best to do it! Just think these pieces of crap garbage waited on the phone for two hours while i rambled on about how im a sucessful world class businessman and i dont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out! LOL LOL! I WASTED THIER TIME LIKE THEY WASTED MY VALUABLE TIME AND RESOURCES. Well thats my online wake-up call to all online consumers thinking about getting involved with these internet scoundrels and straight up liars and crooks. Just think about it TWO WHOLE HOURS THEY WAITED ON THE PHONE AND I PURPOSELY KEPT PUTTING THEM ON HOLD AND THEY STILL WAITED that how bloodthirsty and cruel these crooked ### are//// WARNING//// STAY AWAY FROM THEM AND DONT SPEND A DIME WITH THEM AND DONT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND MAKE NO VERBAL COMMITMENTS WHATSOEVER! SINCERELY YOUR FELLOW RIPPED-OFF FRIEND ------ ROBERT

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  • Kw
    kwis3733 Apr 08, 2010

    your all ###ing stupid stop buying ### to make money onlin and people will stop calling you on top of that stop talking ### on companies that ofer to help you when your just going to sit on your fat ### not do ### and expect cash to just magicly pop in to your hand and when it do you wanna sew someone you stupid stupid ###

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  • Si
    sightseer Apr 15, 2010

    Resultzzs took my $3, 000.00 too. Our agreement stated that I would recoup my investment is six months or they would work with until that happened. there was nothing in the agreement about hosting fees. They tried to charge me a monthly hosting fee and I refuse. They have now shut my site down so there is no chance of recouping my Investment. I have done everything they taught (and then some) - but have made NO money.

    DO NOT do business with Resultzzs.

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  • Vj
    vj1053 Apr 22, 2010

    I would strongly suggest for folks not to sign up with a coaching program that you pay a huge lump sum of money up front!
    Find coaching from a company that will charge you a reasonable monthly fee $25 - $45.
    If, you don't get results in approx. 60 - 90 days cut them off, because they misled you down a wrong path, then find your self another mentor!
    I've dumped money into these cash generation methods and found that it actually takes allot of work and time
    We all want to make easy money.
    Knowledge is power.
    The Gurus have the upper hand and can come up with new products all the time to sell you.
    They wow you with Amazing sales copy & graphics.
    They can sell you anything over the phone. Keep your money in your bank account. Follow this message, for your own good. You've been warned, alright!

    Vincent James
    My Digital

    If, you want to learn about marketing. Try the old school method and walk into your local Barnes & Noble book store invest <$50 get your self some useful publications on website creation & marketing. Spend the time to read the materials & implement what you can afford. Money will not start to flow until you can start to get lots of daily visitors.

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  • Ag
    Against Online Marketing Fraud Jun 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been taken by Omni-Business Solutions as well. They took around $8000.00. The weekly classes are not at all what they were bragged up to be. I am not at all pleased with how the company approaches you and claims they will have you making money instantly. This is not true at all, I did not need to spend that kind of money to be told to sign up for e-bay. I am already on e-bay.

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  • Be
    Bev Hobson Jul 28, 2010

    Well after reading all the above it seems to me I have been 1 of those stupid buggars (achieve technologies).Omnirang me about this contract of making my money back within 6 months and all the live help I need .As I am getting on in years and on a pension I told Ryan Woolly who supposedly works for Mike Gallaspie that I only had $2000 life savings so I was promised if I signed the contract that I would make money online by building my own website.Now when I go into live chat to get their help I get shut down.Is there anyone that knows how I can recoup my life savings

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  • Su
    Susie C Aug 15, 2010

    I signed up with Achieve Technologies. Huge mistake. Jeff Albright seemed to be my best friend until he got my money. Then surprise! No return phone calls. I am not going into the crap he pulled, but he is a slug and he needs to crawl back under the rock that he came out of. I ended up getting my money back from my credit card due to their fraud invistigaton. These slimeballs have so many affiliates, you don't know who you are supposled to be talking to. In March, Achieve Technologies was ordered a cease and ditest order against them for refund policies, (supposed to have 30 days instead of 3), failing to disclose added charges, and failure to disclose right to cancel and were fined $10, 000. This is from the Utah State Attoney General's office. They failed to show up in court for a government agency. I have contacted my state Attorney General's office on them also and I am looking into a class action suit against these dysfunctional companies. I signed a contract, but I also was lied to. It does not give a company any right to say whatever they want and come back and say, "Ha Ha, you signed, too bad" which is basically what happened to me. They know their product sucks and that is why they have those 3 days to cancel . I didn't even get signed on until later in the second day and then I was waiting on my instructor and that was anoter 9 days. I told her I was cancelling then because of the "miscomunication" I got from that slug Jeff Albright. Of course, my 3 days were up...These companies need to be shut down. Fines don't stop them. They did the same crap to me that they were ordered to stop just 3 months after they were fined. I was just trying to make some money with investing and I got scammed. Big lesson learned... Do not give anyone on the internet your banking information and either let the [censor] talk to air or hang up.

    And to Bev Hobson,

    I am sorry you went through this also. I heard of the recouping your money back in 6 months. They tried that game with the BBB and my compaint. Thank God I didn't get that far. Whatever bank institution you have, see if they will conduct a fraud investigaton for you. Send them your emails, BBB information, even these comments. There are some on [redacted].com also. Also write to the Utah Attorney General. They fined them once, so maybe if enough people compain, the company will be shut down. We didn't do anything wrong. Some of us are just too trusting. Karma always catches up with these types of people. Good Luck.

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  • Ma
    manjako Mar 04, 2011

    Hey Guys--I actually used to work for Omni Business Solutions before they were bought by the Ence family, and Jeremy Cobb was fired for not showing up to work... or was it just for being a douche in general? Who cares? The way the company worked was Cobb had set up deals with companies like ESM who would sell suckers, like you guys, pre-fabricated websites what were essentially worthless get-rich-quick schemes. Only the desperate, greedy and stupid would get sucked into these scams; like the old addage says; "If it's seems too good to be true, it is." Once ESM sold them them websites, they would send the client to us for mentoring sessions where I'd tell them that the pre-fabricated website was worthless, but they did have the site builder which they could use for $30 a month--later $40. It was a glorified WYSIWYG set up, but it was capable of doing a lot of cool things... well, I figured out how to do more with it than anyone before or since. My site was as professional as anything on them web, but almost every client I taught couldn't do the things I could or they were too lazy to do the work. They wanted quick money, which is impossible. By the time I'd figured out what the company was, it was too late; I needed the job to support my family--so I did the best I could and worked tirelessly to help my clients make money with their sites. I helped my clients make some pretty decent sites, but I'd be shocked if any of them recouped anything close to the money they spent. I finally reached a point where I couldn't stand it anymore and I told Cobb what a [censor] he was an was subsequently fired. Then, the company was shortly sold off and I believe sank. In the end, if you're stupid enough to give someone thousands of dollars with the promise of making you rich and successful, then you're stupid. You're the sucker P.T. Barnum was talking about.

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  • Mo
    Mollysue Mar 28, 2011

    I was one of the lucky ones who managed to do a chargeback on my credit card because Achieve Technologies failed to respond to my contract cancellation letter (sent the day after signing the contract, so within their T&C's).

    However I didn't notice that they had passed my card details to Omni Business Solutions (AKA Successful Education Online) who have been charging me 39.95USD for access to something that I didn't have nor did I want. I'm now in the process of requesting reimbursement from Omni/SEO but I don't think I'll get it. If not, I'll be straight on to my bank for another chargeback.

    The whole thing stinks and businesses like this should not be allowed to get away with it.

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  • Ki
    K in St George May 30, 2011

    In 2007 I worked for Omni for about six weeks. I would have left after two or three weeks but it took me several weeks to find an honest job. I quickly realized the business was built on a fraudulent foundation. Customers were promised impossible results in too short a time period by sales agents of companies which were in theory separate from Omni Business Solutions, but in reality closely allied with Omni.

    As Molleysue pointed out, the WYSIWYG editor wasn't complete crap. From what I saw, those customers who already had a working business and a solid business plan could benefit from what they were taught. However, they paid way too much for this learning. A person with time and drive could research on their own almost everything Omni taught them, for a fraction of the cost. I did my own online research to supplement out of date material I was supposed to teach people.

    When I left Omni in mid-2007 I told a friend who worked there that the company would likely collapse in 18 to 24 months. It looks like I was right. The sad irony is that many of the individuals who worked at Omni were really trying to help their customers. I decided Jeremy Cobb was a con-artist when I left Omni, but I only saw one other employee about whom I felt the same way.

    The bottom line is this, when someone presents you with a business idea or investment opportunity that looks too good to be true, thats your clue to run the other way as fast as you can.

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  • Ch
    Cheated Royally Jun 04, 2011

    Is someone filing a class action suit against them?... because I want in and all of my money back. Just finished paying these crooks a lot of money ($5800) from 6/2/2008 until 5/5/2011. I didn't know how to get out of this and I hope there is something I can do.

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  • Ja
    Jan Matthews Nov 23, 2011

    To "United front against stupidity" - your attitude to those of us who paid our money in good faith and did everything we were told to do and more - is very unfair. My own experience dates back to 2004 - I paid in excess of $4000 with a promise that I would make my money back or they would stay with me until I did. My training mainly involved how to use the omni site builder. The first one was really poor and then I had to relearn with the new one - all of this was eating into the mentoring time. Very little time was spent teaching what was necessary to make money with my site and looking back now - the mentoring was woefully inadequate for a raw newbie. I have learned far more subsequently from free courses such as the 30 day challenge. I was then expected to pay a monthly fee for the site builder even though I was still not making any money. When I eventually left, out of complete frustration, they were reluctant to transfer my domain name - so all in all I left with nothing other than the knowledge of how to use their site builder. I complained on several occasions but got nowhere. Companies such as these should be closed down. The Federal Trade Commission are on to these people - I hope they get what they deserve

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  • Mr
    MrMrs 03 Apr 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a victim as well, but there is hope I received a phone message from a lawyer that said he was filing a class action suit against them, but my stupid answering machine cut the message off before he could leave any contact info!
    So I am sending out an

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  • Vj
    vj1053 Apr 23, 2012

    Try looking into the fair credit act because you have rights.
    They Omni Business overcharge retirees, working class people, students etc. for hyped up services
    They are providing you a very expensive membership site that keeps them making money on you!
    I was snagged too by getting a call from them like they do to others. They got my $6K
    Even though you exceeded the 60 day credit card dispute, make a dispute with your credit card co. Tell them that you didn't receive the services as offered. They will file a dispute against them. I got this from a good source in AZ.
    If, you want mentorship from an online co. pay only a monthly service less than $60/mo. and stop subscription, if they can't deliver results. I'm in the process of trying to get my money back and outsource to a more responsible web developer. Have some expert do all the leg work.


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  • Vj
    vj1053 Sep 26, 2012

    I was in their coaching program and over paid like many! $6K is allot of money. I would give the value of their services about $1K that's it . They wanted to charge me around $300 to submit my site to 300 top web directories. That was a sign that they were money hungry. Also, their site builder and keyword research tool worked fine, but was too expensive at $40/mo. If, you learned some of their business strategies and want to remain in business online you need to find viable solutions and think long term. I did my own research got a different web hosting company and continue online because I am paying low prices for my domain names and web hosting service. I now have a quality web host that I can afford! I also learned to use Word Press for blogging, it's simple and FREE open source software! Apply the fundamental principles and improve, nothing is going to be handed to us for FREE. We must work consistently at it and be prepared to adapt to change. If, a particular niche isn't working for you find another one. The first niche or ideal may not make you any money, so keep trying others.

    If you need a cheap cost high quality web host like I have visit following... or I now can create unlimited email addresses and enjoy unlimited disk space :)
    and more!



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  • Tr
    Train Guy Oct 13, 2012

    Getting support is horrible. I have had my site with them since 2007.
    Now their site and site builder are down again.
    Take your site somewhere else.

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